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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Press Snippets: Public Trust in Tarkan Rises

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsA round-up of recent news coverage on Tarkan sees a survey that suggests public trust in Tarkan has risen, and not dropped, in the wake of his drugs arrest, while support for the recording artist has also come from two more columnists in the Turkish press (see left pic).

As female Hürriyet correspondent Ömür Gedik believes that Turkey should get its own version of the Genesis Awards - which pays tribute to the major news and entertainment media for producing outstanding works in animal issues - and award Tarkan for his PETA ad, Taraf newspaper's Telesiyej column has criticised Pepsi's decision to drop Tarkan from a planned million dollar ad campaign, after the singer was arrested last month in connection with an anti-drug sting.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

Telesiyej argues that the private sector's mission should be to cultivate art, not populism.

Complaining that the private sector is not investing enough in art or the artist, the article wonders whether it is the job of the private sector to engineer the morals of the public, or what Pepsi believes it has safeguarded by dropping their agreement with Tarkan.

"By doing so all they've done is to join those in the media in unfairly convicting Tarkan without a hearing.

"The media is always trying to tell us what to think anyway; and when the private sector comes on board, too, instead of protecting the majority's etiquette, what we get is a type of incivility; intolerance takes over.

"And the public don't care really. Quite the opposite, the millions of young that idolise him - they are the coke drinkers - believe the star to be hard done by.

"And a sector unable to invest in the arts doesn't have the right to tell someone who is trying to, what to do. If it does, it won't get the respect it wants from the public.

"If I were Coca Cola, I would approach Tarkan with an offer, who is supposed to be coming back with a great album, to show everyone what big competition and thinking big is all about; and bring the youth that adore him onto their side," the article advises.

Turkish Public's Trust in Tarkan Rises

Meanwhile, on the results polled in by global market research company Ipsos KMG in conjunction with MediaCat, it shows that although Tarkan has dropped two places in the list, the percentage of people that feel he is a trustworthy name has risen from 5 to 6 percent (see top left pic).

In January this year, the poll had shown a gradual decline in the artist's popularity amongst the public between the years 2008-2010.

In Other Reports

Elsewhere, a columnist uses Tarkan as an example of being careful about who your friends are, while Tarkan's "soft treatment" by police is taken to task by a Kurdish singer and a blogger counts down to the Eurovision Song Contest with a nod to the singer (see left pic).

Taner Özdeş writing for Maxi Haber mentions Tarkan in his column when talking about the "seven stages of sincerity" this week.

"A lot of people make mistakes in trying to win people's love and affirmation," he writes, using Tarkan's recent public ordeal as an example.

Suggesting that the people around Tarkan have the most influence over him, "When I heard about megastar Tarkan's predicament, I felt a little sad, a little surprised and a little thoughtful.

"Whatever position we are in our lives, whoever we might be, however successful or rich we might be, we can all end up in Tarkan's situation one day. When you feel you have everything, you can lose it all in an instant," he writes.

Moving on, Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc, who is the recipient of the 2010 Freemuse Award - which advocates human rights for musicians - with Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat, has complained in an interview about the soft treatment of Tarkan when the singer was taken into custody.

"We all saw how Tarkan was treated when he was taken in for questioning over drugs, he wasn't even handcuffed ... I was treated much worse," he claims.

And finally, Marie Gunduz blogging for the Examiner decides to talk Tarkan in her recent post on Turkey's latest offering for the Eurovision Song Contest, rock group maNga.

"While there are some fans who would prefer Tarkan be sent to Eurovision, that isn't possible because Tarkan himself says he would refuse such an invitation," she reminds her readers.

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