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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tarkan Putting Faith in Aksu's Son?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportWriting for Ayakli Gazete, Hüseyin Özkan has decided to cover Tarkan in his 15 April dated article, claiming that the singer has put his faith in Turkish singer-songwriter Sezen Aksu's son, Mithat Can Özer, for his comeback plans for this year (see left pic).

Although the Ayakli Gazete columnist writes the piece as though Tarkan has recently found this support, Turkish paper Akşam's entertainment section had previously published an article in October last year claiming that Tarkan was getting support from Aksu's son, as well as the Turkish diva herself for his follow up album to 2007's Metamorfoz.

Ayakli Gazete columnist Özkan calls this "a surprise move" for the artist, with Tarkan's choice putting up Aksu's son as rival to his mother and Nazan Öncel's song-writing skills.

A dispute over the ownership of the hit track "Şımarık" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997) with Aksu had led Tarkan to work with Öncel in 2001, putting her name to such hits as "Hüp" (Karma, 2001) and "Dudu" (Dudu, 2003).

Tarkan Pinning Hopes on Aksu's Son

Headlined as "Which Famous Artist's Son is Tarkan Pinning his Hopes On?", Özkan writes that Tarkan is hoping to boost his morale and fix his tattered image after his arrest during a drug bust with the help of a new songwriter, by presenting a new record to the public in May this year.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

"Since Tarkan was arrested he is nowhere to be seen. After the negative developments of his gruelling ordeal, the mega star is facing a lot of moral and financial issues. First he lost a prestigious police ball he was to sing at, followed by a TV commercial. Following all this, Tarkan has been hiding from the public and the cameras. Realising that doesn't solve anything, though, Tarkan is finally ready to face the media and his fans.

"I think Tarkan wants to prove once more that he doesn't give up easily, and that with his outlook and music he deserves the title of mega star. Tarkan is determined to win back what he has lost with this new album. And postponing the album due to not being able to find a breakout song for it, now with support from a surprise name he is ready to release the album this coming month.

"Really liking one of the songs composed by Sezen Aksu's son Mithat Can, he is getting ready to present himself to the music world, and through that to the media. After listening to the works of so many others, Tarkan has now chosen Mithan Can's song in a surprise move. Naturally, this means that Mithat Can has become a rival to his mother Aksu and Nazan Öncel. I wonder whether Mithat Can will be able to erase the memories left by Tarkan's horrible ordeal?"

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