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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten Things of Date

  1. A Turkish cargo vessel seized three days ago has been abandoned by Somali pirates, leaving all 25 crew unharmed.
  2. British society changed dramatically in 1967 with legislation changes such as partially decriminalising homosexual acts between men aged 21 or over, legalising abortion and abolishing censorship of the theatre.
  3. There may be as many as 150 victims every year of acid attacks in Pakistan, where husbands and in-laws disfigure the brides.
  4. Preventable diseases in children are reaching epidemic proportions that could see a generation dying before their parents, doctors at a leading children's hospital have warned.
  5. Doctor Who's regenerations were modelled on bad LSD trips, internal BBC memos have revealed.
  6. The mayor of a town in Malta has called for a "phallic" sculpture displayed close to the main airport to be removed ahead of the Pope's visit.
  7. A learner driver woman in her mid-20s taking her second lesson managed to flip her instructor's car on to its roof in England.
  8. The English Speaking Union is an organisation which runs debate contests between schools.
  9. Organs may have been removed from deceased people without their consent after a data-handling error by the NHS, while of Britain's 17 million registered body part donors, the most common area chosen to withhold consent for certain parts is the eyes.
  10. Young people now feeling comfortable lampooning Adolf Hitler.

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