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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan's Right Strike

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In amongst other news snippets, a look at the recent Turkish press coverage surrounding Tarkan reveals more album details from the columns of celebrity correspondents after the release of "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike"), which sees the confirmation of certain rumours in the media.

With the rumour of an Aysel Gürel song confirmed, details being linked to Tarkan's latest release mention three Sezen Aksu songs (including a sexy track collaboration with her son) and one song with lyrics by Yıldız Tilbe.

There had also been rumours in 2009 that Tarkan was to sing a song about young victims of war, and this has also been confirmed in part, as a song written by Aksu.

"This is the Tarkan I've Missed"

Writing in a 13 May dated column for media portal Haberturk's entertainment section HTMagazin, ex-Tarkan ex-employee Rahşan Gülşan is seen to have come back on Tarkan's side after being a harsh critic of her former boss for a few years.

After publishing a glowing account of one of Tarkan's Istanbul concerts at the Harbiye in the summer of 2006, Gülşan had become one of Tarkan's most loudest critics until making a spectacular U-turn in her piece two days ago.

Ending with a special note to late lyricist Aysel Gürel, and confirming the rumours that the lyrics had been found in a bin after the lyricist's death, Gülşan starts her piece by praising the song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu".

"One of the biggest Internet events was Tarkan's latest song being put up at Even if at first I thought the song's name "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" was a distasteful send-up to the drug episode, when I realised that the lyrics were in fact written by Aysel Gürel I changed my mind immediately. I listened to the song straight away. And for a long time I liked a Tarkan song on first hearing.

"I listened to it again and again. First to understand the song better...Later because I liked it and because I wanted to listen to it again. It hails the "Kuzu Kuzu" Tarkan we know in a 2010 guise.

"The Tarkan that I have been really angry at this past few years, who I thought had musically committed suicide and who I even criticised in my column made me think with this enjoyable song that he has learnt from his mistakes. I immediately researched the album's details.

"The most important surprise in the album to me is Tarkan giving voice to Sezen Aksu's song called "Ceylan" about a little girl that died on 28 September after finding a bomb in a field. Mustafa Ceceli produced the song.

"And years ago signing her name to an important song in her career with "Kış Güneşi" (A-acayipsin, 1994), Tarkan has once again got lyrics from Yıldız Tilbe, with music composed by Tarkan. Along with the "Ceylan" song, Sezen Aksu has her name down on three songs.

"The first song we've heard from the album, "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" isn't going to be the first release. It was put on the Internet so listeners could get ready for the album set to be released mid-June. After this song, I decided to really wait for the album."

The Right Strike

Backing up his tweets, in his Hürriyet column, celebrity correspondent Onur Baştürk has written about Tarkan's latest song, while confirming the rumours that there is a song by Sezen Aksu's son in the as yet unreleased album - where Tarkan is promising not to hurt our hearts.

However, the columnist claims that the album has been ready for months, but had been postponed because there was no "runaway hit" on the album. Giving the name of another track seen as a likely hit on the album in his piece headline, "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu instead of Acımıycak", Baştürk writes that Tarkan made the right choice of song.

Going against the majority of close sources that now state "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" isn't a single but a teaser, Baştürk claims that Tarkan and his team gave up waiting for a "hit song" to come along, deciding to release "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" instead.

Although Baştürk doesn't openly criticise Tarkan's highly anticipated album, the tone of his article suggests that what has been heard so far is the best thing that will come out of the new release for him - which again goes against the general consensus of details slowly being leaked out about the album.

"It was ready for months, but because there wasn't "a runaway hit" Tarkan's album was put on hold. Finally Tarkan and his team gave up waiting. They decided to release "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" as a single.

"It was a good thing they did. When I first listened to the album, it was my favourite song. Okay, "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" isn't one of those up-beat tempo hits we've come to expect from Tarkan. It is more balladry, sad and romantic. But it seems this song suits Tarkan's current situation.

"For example, there is another song in the album, and it is the perfect song for those anticipating a sexy, shaking Tarkan. In its refrain Tarkan says, "Come, come, it won't hurt..." The lyrics are by Sezen Aksu, the music is by her son Mithatcan Özer and I think Tarkan will put this song in rotation in the coming months.

"At the moment with "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" he is saying a little mournfully that "he is back in the game" supported by Aysel Gürel's amazing lyrics.

"Oh, by the way, and just so the words "Come, come, it won't hurt..." aren't too erotic, it adds the proviso "your heart", Baştürk says.

"Glad Tarkan Back to Music"

A Turkish woman's lifestyle portal - which had thanked Pepsi for dropping Tarkan due to the singer's his mix-up with drugs - is joining the current majority to run a more favourable article on Tarkan.

Adding the news that Tarkan has given female singer Kibariye a song for her latest album, the article states its "gladness" Tarkan has turned his attentions to music, rather than drugs, and that it would rather artists of his quality were not linked with such news.

"Tarkan Doesn't Need Awards"

Milliyet's celebrity journalist Ali Eyüboğlu's 15 May dated column talks about the unfairness of the big names in the Turkish industry competing with newer stars in the awards ceremonies.

Writing that Mustafa Sandal did not in fact drop out of Kral TV's 16th VMAs but was dropped, Eyüboğlu cites Kral TV director Mehmet Akbay as his source. The journalist writes that the only artist who called not to be nominated was Sezen Aksu.

"Artists like ... Tarkan have won son many awards that their egos must be sore from all the massaging! The young artists shouldn't be made to compete with [the big names] in the same space," Eyüboğlu writes.

Starting a Business with Tarkan

Business news site Patronlar Dünyası has run a report from economic magazine Para on Emrah Kaya, a successful private entrepreneur who began his career thanks to Tarkan.

The report writes that he first made his money in 2001 after hitting in the idea he got from Tarkan's chart-smash song "Kuzu Kuzu". Buying 4,000 finger cymbals, the report writes he sold almost all of them at a great profit.

"Constant Success Makes You Crazy"

A popular Turkish singer in the Nineties who failed to repeat his successes in the following decades, Soner Arıca has been interviewed on the eve of his own comeback album, where he talks about Tarkan and puts forward the theory that constant success can make you go crazy, and it isn't achievable.

In what reads like an untimely statement to make, when Tarkan is used as an example Arıca responds by saying in the Sabah published report, "But what about his last album (Metamorfoz, 2007)?

"I'm not saying he won't do anything good after that, and I like him as an artist," he adds.

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