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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Return of Babyface Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportBugün correspondent Bilal Özcan, in his 20 May dated article "Silly Tarkan Has Gone, Babyface Tarkan Returns", gives his views on Tarkan's performance at the 16th Kral VMAs on 17 May.

Writing for the right-wing paper, Özcan had previously talked in a recent article about Tarkan and the danger of pop stars "ranting like egomaniacs".

With this article, another Tarkan critic has done an apparent U-turn to side up with the Turkish megastar in praise of his latest song and TV appearance.

"The Return of Babyface Tarkan"

"I really liked Tarkan's image at the 'Kral TV Music Awards' evening... His hair cut, the way it was combed was perfect... His hair style perfectly coordinated with his face, body and dress...

"Tarkan has a very beautiful face. It stood out with this hair style. In short, his hair cut was like a man... Tarkan had returned to his true self. 'Silly Tarkan' had gone, the 'Babyface Tarkan' that his fans wanted and missed had returned.

"Last December*, no one had liked 'the Mohican look-a-like Tarkan'... He looked like the yobbo chieftain son of a Native American tribe! You remember, when he arrived from New York to Istanbul Atatürk Airport and got off the plane like Boy George...

"Everyone had criticised his hair cut... What did he look like?.. Frankly, hairstylist Zeki Doğulu did Tarkan a big disservice to make the artist look like that in New York!

"It wasn't just Tarkan's hair that was beautiful at Kral TV's evening... I really liked what he was wearing, too... The jacket's style was super. The perfect combination of leather and fabric in a very different creation had produced a style unique to the pop star... The white t-shirt with the heart he wore under his jacket, his skinny leg jeans and his James Dean shoes brought about a very well-coordinated combination...

"He has been working out, he has lost significant pounds... He looks like he must have lost at least 6-7 kilos in two months... He looks younger, more handsome... And above all else, Tarkan was smiling on stage... When Tarkan smiles, his whole face just lights up... He looks a lot more handsome, a lot more beautiful.

"He had long overcome the negative effects of being taken into custody for drug use... Like he had never gone through those bad days...

"In the final stages of an eagerly anticipated album, it was like he was on the verge of a new beginning... He'd given us all a clue in the last few days. One of the songs from the [new] album "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") was a beautiful song and very possibly an indicator of other beautiful things to come...

"This was the impression Tarkan left on me at the Kral TV evening: The pop star was ready with everything he's got to be born again."

*It was last September, but the correspondent wrote December.

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