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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Summer Hit? Or Disco's Trash?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportTurkish paper Milliyet entertainment correspondent Tolga Akyıldız has continued his thoughts on which pop star will make the biggest noise this summer, after taking part in a jury on the matter set up by the paper's variety supplement Cadde.

While seven out of ten critics voted in favour of Tarkan, Akyıldız had given his vote to Hande Yener, instead.

Although Tarkan has been judged on one teaser song, "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike"), from an album he has yet to release - while Yener has released her album with videos filmed to the best hits from her record - Akyıldız expounds the reasons for his vote in his 25 May dated article.

"As part of a Cadde jury recently, we brainstormed about which song would be the hit of this summer. So I read, the result was Tarkan's "Sevdanın Vuruşu" [sic]. It's amazing how many chances people are willing to give Tarkan... Even though he hasn't produced a real good song in a long time, it seems our trust in him is completely unshaken. We always want to support him. There's nothing wrong in that; let's do just that.

"But he has to respond [to our trust] doesn't he; he should make a good song. Those Tarkan copycats in this market trying to make a name for themselves have begun producing better songs than Tarkan. And Tarkan keeps copying himself repeatedly too, I think. If only he could find that one song he's going to [succeed], but it just isn't happening.

"I have respect for the jury's decision, but "Sevdanın Vuruşu" isn't the hit of the summer. He needs to start thinking like a musician, stop feeling burdened by the weight of his own name and just make 'songs'."

"A Summer Hit? Or Disco's Trash?"

Milliyet correspondent Akyıldız also criticises the general standards of pop music in his country. He calls the Kral VMAs simply a television show with nothing to do with awarding music, but spares his biggest criticism for the chase to get a summer hit by Turkish pop artists.

"[Hande Yener's song] "Sopa" is the best song out of them all ... but it's shame she felt the need to [get a summer hit]... What we call a summer hit in Turkey is really people who are willing to dance to even a creaking door being presented something only just a little better than that by people willing to produce it.

"A summer hit doesn't necessarily mean it's the best song of the summer. If I was going to open a category on the internet so that it could be an understandable term for search engines, I'd describe it as 'oriental disco trash'. That's all unfortunately..."

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