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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tarkan's Teasing Comeback

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Female Sabah correspondent, Ayşe Özyılmazel - who had been a one-time vociferous Tarkan critic until in a surprise move came out in support of Tarkan last year - has talked about Tarkan's comeback teaser "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") in a recent column dated 13 May.

In a beautifully written, heart-warming piece, Özyılmazel explains how Tarkan won her back and why she can't ever give up on the greatest music star her country has ever known.

Tarkan's Last Strike

"He's coooooming, he's coooooming, Tarkan Tarkan's coooooooming... For two days the music world here and on the Internet has been rocking with the news. And finally Tarkan has given us a whiff of his latest album. Everyone is talking about him, every Internet site is going with the news "click here to listen to Tarkan's latest song". Well of course we can't say no, so we click. We want some clues now that the album's release is only days away. Lyrics: Aysel Gürel. Music: Tarkan. Name of song: 'Sevdanın Son Vuruşu'. First the violins come in as emotional as can be, you know us Turks we all get teary-eyed at the sound of a good violin. And then Tarkan whispers into my ear..."

Listen to the first radio play of Tarkan's song as it happened >>
Read the English translation to the lyrics >>

"And I'm once again under Tarkan's spell... You know how it is, how you loved someone so much once, the greatest love of your life. Then you get angry at the mistakes made in the name of love. "Okay, it's over!" you say and leave. But time, oh that dangerous thing, once it gets between us you start to miss the thing you left behind. You miss him so much, because you loved him so much, that you forget all his mistakes, all the disappointments... You just want him to come back, in anyway at all, you just wish for him not to disappear. And so I've realised that Tarkan is like that for me. It seems I've really missed listening to new songs from him. I'm glad he's returning to the field. He is something else, no one else is quite like him. Come on we're waiting for the new album, we want our Tarkan back."

A Soft Punch?

Meanwhile, there has been criticism of Tarkan's teaser, too, with a report in Sabah from Mevlüt Tezel wondering about the title of the song, and why it was chosen.

"It sounds like Tarkan's latest track 'Sevdanın Son Vuruşu' is a return to his old sound. I felt like I was listening to a Tarkan classic. This song will come like a cure to the cold caught by those Tarkan fans listening to Metamorfoz... The suggestive lyrics by Aysel Gürel are just right... Especially the final verse. The one thing I found strange about the song was that Tarkan sang it very straight. Of course these are early thoughts. Just like a lot of Tarkan's songs, 'Sevdanın Son Vuruşu' stands like it's going to be loved the more times you hear it. The real thing that is bugging me is the name of the song: 'Sevdanın Son Vuruşu'."

"Isn't it a title that is trying to say too much? ... I thought Tarkan might be trying to protest his time in police custody so I scrutinised the song lyrics again. But there is nothing in the lyrics that indicate a suggestion about drugs. Sure the song will make the headlines because of this, but instead of fixing his dented image, why he would choose a song title that could remind people of that episode is beyond me."

Elsewhere, celebrity portal UçanKuş has written its own piece where it claims it went to exclusive Istanbul club Reina filled with the Turkish jet-set to ask them what they thought of the Turkish megastar's musical offering.

The article writes that the club-goers initially found the song disappointing, but the article concedes that the song was too slow for the place, and that song is really beautiful.

And finally, Hürriyet variety correspondent Cengiz Semercioğlu in his article headlined "I Loved Tarkan's Song" mentions that the club he was in didn't "rock" to Tarkan's latest song either, as they did to his old ones - putting it down to the singer's maturity, and that he really liked the song.

Semercioğlu also put down the epithet that this was only a teaser from the album, and that there songs in there to please everybody.

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