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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Updates on Tarkan's 2010 Album

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Samsun Demir's TweetsAs Tarkan fans eagerly wait for more news on a 2010 Tarkan album, the Twitter account of Samsun Demir, from the distributor music label DMC, has seen some confirmations from what could be cited as an official source (see left pic).

DMC have been working with Tarkan ever since 2007, as the Turkish distributor for Metamorfoz.

Fans have been inundating Demir's account with tweets asking when Tarkan's album would be ready, after Demir had tweeted that he was in the studio with Turkish diva Sezen Aksu for Tarkan's new record.

Demir has responded by saying that Tarkan's new album is set to be released in 30 days, for the start of June - effectively confirming the release month and an Aksu collaboration.

He had previously tweeted on 24 April that Tarkan would be releasing an album in May.

Screencap of reportsMeanwhile, in two reports published by Turkish paper Hürriyet, newbie singer Mustafa Ceceli has once again been quoted as saying that he is working on "songs for Tarkan", while the artist's ex-backing singer Murat Boz has said that he "can't wait" for his old employer's new release (see left pic).

As celebrity portal Gecce correspondent Deniz Nurcan mentions Tarkan as a Turkish example of celebrities that struggle with fame like Britney Spears, Boz in response to a question whether his former boss would overcome his latest crisis, is quoted to have said, "Definitely."

Also published in paper Vatan, Boz went on to say, "He is a very clever and strong person. He will beat this without any damage to him, because I've heard he has prepared an amazing album.

"I'm eagerly waiting for it like everybody else."

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