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Friday, June 18, 2010

Press Snippets: Media's Tarkan Tales

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Hungarian Music Producer and Tarkan

Tarkan's name is mentioned in an Hungarian culture article that covers the country's own version of the popular talent contest TV series X-Factor, as celebrity panel member, music producer and songwriter Malek Miklós is described as having worked with such greats as "Jennifer Lopez and Tarkan".

Internet copyright archives reveal that Miklós had worked on a song with Tarkan in 2005/06 called "Picture In a Frame", which it's believed never made it to the final cut of the Turkish megastar's English language début album Come Closer in 2006.

Haberturk on Tarkan

Screencap of reportsIn the columns of columnists writing for media portal Haberturk, Tarkan is mentioned in passing, including Oben Budak writing about the current Arabic craze sweeping through Turkey and his visit to Beirut where he danced as though "Tarkan had entered into him" and Pakize Suda touching upon the rumour that Tarkan waited seven months to add seven Sezen Aksu songs into his 2010 album.

"We've been waiting seven years for the old Tarkan," she writes.

Meanwhile as both Ünal Demirkaya and Esin Övet mention the news in their Haberturk columns that singer Kibariye is "going pop" for her performance at Istanbul club Nahide, where she will sing pop classics including songs from Tarkan, in another article Övet talks about Tarkan's ex-girlfriend Bilge Öztürk.

Businesswoman and lawyer Öztürk has become completely hooked on water sports after her new relationship with professional water sportsman Salih Alexander Çakır, whom she hopes to tie the knot with soon.

"[If she falls pregnant after they get married] she'll probably have her baby in the water," Övet jokes.

Letting Go with Tarkan

Atılgan Bayar, writing for paper Akşam, has taken a dig at Tarkan while criticising a new book out by journalist Ertuğrul Özkök (who had proclaimed the return of the romantic boy Tarkan in a Sunday column last May).

Bayar quotes the title of Tarkan's second album, A-acayipsin (1994), in the headline of his article to criticise Özkök while sending up the singer by calling Tarkan "a famous thinker".

Complaining that Özkök's book was not what he had expected from the respected correspondent, Bayar writes, "as that famous Turkish thinker Tarkan said, oh you're something else".

And in Hürriyet's variety section Kelebek there is the news that a film crew's wrap up party, including Turkish actor and comedian Cem Yılmaz, played Tarkan's songs all night long.

"Entering the DJ's box, Cem Yılmaz rocked the crowd with Tarkan songs," the article writes.

Tales with Tarkan's "Şıkıdım"

Screencap of reportElsewhere in paper Sabah, female columnist Sevilay Yükselir writes about listening to Tarkan track "Şıkıdım" (A-acayipsin, 1994) in central East Africa, in her article titled "Tarkan in Tanzania".

"The show put on by the African children was just awe-inspiring. Especially the amazing show put on with that Turkish brand Tarkan's "Şıkıdım" song! We knew about the fans in Europe, America and even our neighbours in Asia, but it gave us immense joy to see the same thing in Tanzania, too.

"Take a look. Go to Paris, listen to the man. Go to New York, listen to the man. Then come and listen to him in Tanzania. Even so, when he went through that horrible ordeal some just cried "Tarkan's over!" Come on, how can a brand name like him be over? Can he be over? Is it possible?

"Anyway, seeing as we are on the subject, I want to share with you some information on Tarkan. From what I hear, at the end of this month he is going to greet his fans with an explosive album. They're saying that Turkey will be dancing with Tarkan again this summer!

"I wouldn't be surprised at all! I'll be real happy, too, and dearly want the album to be a poke in the eye to those few people that had declared Tarkan to be over," she concludes.

And finally, local news portal Gaziantep Haberler quotes Tarkan's "Şıkıdım" song in an article about being the best by being true to yourself.

"What does Tarkan say, don't be somebody else, be yourself," it writes.

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