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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Press Snippets: A Taste of Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

"I Won't Leave My Country Again"

Screencap of reportsThe reports that Tarkan has sold his New York home have gained wide coverage in the Turkish press, with left-wing paper Radikal writing that Tarkan had "ended his life in New York" and media portal Haberturk declaring that the Turkish megastar wouldn't be leave his country again.

And as Sabah correspondent and Tarkan critic Mevlüt Tezel calls Tarkan's reason for moving because New York was crowded as absurd in his column, his paper headlines Tarkan's return as a relocation back to Turkey and claims that he sold up as he needs the money to complete and promote his 2010 album, while a property portal site claims that the singer sold his New York on Madison Avenue for 4 million dollars.

UPDATE: Tarkan said to deny sale for album claim >>

Known as one of the few Turkish artists that constantly shuttle back and forth to the USA - especially to holiday there - the Turkish media have interpreted Tarkan selling up in New York as closing a chapter in his life, as the singer himself described it this way to reporters who greeted him on his arrival from New York.

Turkish music station Kral TV aired footage of Tarkan's return and his speaking to reporters on its news slot yesterday, where he can been seen saying he "has closed that part of his life", and is looking forward to finishing his 2010 album.

Meanwhile, Turkish music label DMC rep Samsun Demir has tweeted to a follower, who asked about the release date of Tarkan's 2010 album, that a date will be finalised "tomorrow evening".

The Taste of Tarkan

Elsewhere in paper Sabah, and reported by NTVMSNBC too, is a report about a popular sea-food restaurant in Izmir that is the favourite haunt of Turkish celebrities, including Turkey's megastar Tarkan.

Picked up from a Turkish news wire, the article quotes the restaurant's manager Caner Soner Göksel as saying, "We have hosted a lot of people from the artistic world like Tarkan."

And as a celebrity portal writes that female pop singer Gülşen is using Tarkan's current stylist Ceyda Balaban to work with her on her latest video single, a local news portal for the Turkish province of Bursa has a correspondent complaining about the lack of professionalism at a regional international festival.

Opining about the local council's dismissive treatment of this year's festival, he asks, "Possibly Tarkan, but who can say [singers] Teoman or Mustafa Sandal have an international identity?"

Tarkan Book Dispute in Spain

In a Spanish-language piece headlined "Attacks to Freedom of Speech Rise in Turkey", at the end of the article they list the Tarkan book dispute.

"On June 8, the European Court of Human Rights unanimously imposed a fine to Turkey after it judged that the seizure of the book [about Tarkan] infringed freedom of speech. The book was published originally in 2001 and was banned for nearly three years," the article writes.

The Turkish courts had seen fit to ban distribution after Tarkan applied to the courts, because it discussed Tarkan's sexual orientation and used photographs without citing sources.

Based on a scientific study, the publisher took the book dispute to the European courts, where the judges awarded the publisher 2,000 euros (2,388 dollars) in compensation - although the Spanish article prints the fine was 3,000 euros.

Backing Singer Back Tracks

Tarkan's ex-backing singer Murat Boz has run into trouble with a question asked about his old boss Tarkan in an interview for Turkish paper Posta.

After paper Posta was going to run with the sensationalist headline that Boz said being linked with Tarkan had fuelled his own gay rumours, Boz felt he had to come out on his official sources to say that he did not say any such thing in his interview with the paper.

Although the online print of Posta's Boz report runs the headline "I've Had a Lot of One Night Stands" rather than the one causing the ex-backing singer so much concern, Boz sent messages via his official social network pages that he never said his relationship with Tarkan had sparked off gossip that Boz was gay.

"When I was asked if [the rumours] were down to my closeness with Tarkan, all I said was that it was possible," writes the official Boz line, quoting almost word-for-word the Posta article.

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