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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tarkan Factors in Adverts

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

News reports are printing that Turkey is reaping the rewards of Tarkan's Russian ad campaign to sell Turkish grown citrus fruits on the continent, as the fruit sector has seen a huge boost in supply from Russian consumers.

With nearly a 150% boost in sales, a rep from the Citrus Promotion Group has been quoted as saying that last May had been a "golden month" for sales in Russia.

It had previously been reported that after Tarkan's detainment last February, the group's Tarkan promotions in Russia would be closely scrutinised for any negative effects, with seemingly the opposite effect having now taken place.

Meanwhile, celebrity portal Gecce female columnist Dilara Pekel has commented on a new snack advert featuring Tarkan's track, 2001 hit single "Hüp".

Although other correspondents have written favourably about the snacks commercial, Pekel writes that apart from the starring female lead and Tarkan's song, the commercial is not much to write about.

"This hasn't been filmed with faith in the commercial or the brand product ... Of course there's the Tarkan factor... The advert hits with the music... The rest is just empty stuffing," she writes.

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