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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Press Snippets: More Tarkan in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportTarkan's name has been mentioned in passing in a celebrity libel case where singer Özcan Deniz is suing ex-girlfriend Şebnem Schaeffer in court for publicly suggesting he was bisexual on Turkish TV.

The celebrity notes on the case write Schaeffer's lawyer questioned on the witness stand the TV show host on whose show Schaeffer had talked about Deniz's "sexual deviancy".

The TV show host was asked whether she used the word bisexual after Schaeffer had made the comments, because she had known about "Deniz's relationship with Tarkan" - referring to rumours in the press years ago that the two male singers were in a secret liaison with each other.

Meanwhile, Turkish rocker Murat Kekilli in his column for Haber Aktuel takes another stab at fame and famous people, claiming that in popular culture art is for sex.

"Whose name can I give? Who else but Freud can tie Tarkan's creativeness to sex?" he asks.

And music producer Ozan Doğulu - who released a record featuring two Tarkan classics re-sung by the megastar himself and rearranged by Doğulu - has mentioned Tarkan in passing in an interview published by media portal Haberturk's variety section HTMagazin.

In response to a question about "competing" with the likes of DJ Tiësto, Doğulu answered that they were on different playing fields.

"I make Turkish music, he is more global. I don't think I'll make as much noise as him. Ultimately, the subject is Turkish. And we have great names, too, like Tarkan..." he says.

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