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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan Talk

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In an interview published by paper Hürriyet's variety section Kelebek, female pop singer Bengü has said that her favourite track at the moment is Tarkan's "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike"), while in a regional online news site for Kastamonu, a northern Turkish province in the Black Sea region, there are talks for Tarkan to appear at a summer festival this year.

Famous for its garlic production, the town of Taşköprü in the region is gearing up for its 24th annual festival, with the local municipality in talks to bring Tarkan to their festival for 6 August.

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A local news site for Bursa, on the other hand, writes that the Russian Red Army Choir is returning to perform in Bursa after five years, whilst reminding its readers that the choir had sung their own rendition of Tarkan's "Şıkıdım" (A-acayipsin, 1994) at their last performance.

Elsewhere, music site Altsounds has published an article on Sinan Mercenk, a producer, musician, remixer and DJ in Hamburg, Germany, on his latest release and touts him as someone who has worked with Tarkan and "conquered the dance floors and dance-lists all over the world".

Sinan had remixed Tarkan's hit track "Şımarık" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997) when it was released in Europe with a 12 inch record of mixes to the award-winning 1999 single.

In other reports, paper Sabah has run an interview with Tarkan's ex-backing singer Murat Boz for Cosmopolitan magazine, headlined as "Tarkan's Advice Changed My Fate".

Boz speaks about his six-year stint as the Turkish megastar's backing singer, and that it was Tarkan who suggested he start a solo career.

And Milliyet's variety section Cadde reports that Life magazine has written a six month review after the inauguration of Istanbul as a European Capital of Culture, writing that the start of the year with a Tarkan concert "had given hope" of better activities to come throughout the following months.

Haberturk on Tarkan

Screencap of reportsIn media portal Haberturk, there is an article where a Turkish TV actor has criticised Tarkan over the rumour the Turkish megastar turned down a song by recently emerging singer/songwriter Soner Sarıkabadayı.

Although Tarkan's long-term music producer has denied the rumours being because of Sarıkabadayı's popularity, the actor has described it as putting "his [musical] life into danger".

Moving on, Haberturk correspondent Esin Övet has mentioned Tarkan in two recent columns, as she complains about the current state of Turkish pop music.

Övet writes that people seem to be listening to classic pop songs rather than recent works, and that artists are experiencing difficulty in producing new songs. Saying that she has hope in the 2010 record Tarkan is set to release, she also claims this is the reason he has scrapped the album three times.

Meanwhile, one-time Tarkan aide Rahşan Gülşan writes in her Haberturk column that she likes music producer Ozan Doğulu's album, which features two Tarkan classics re-sung by the artist and rearranged by Doğulu for his compilation album 130 bpm.

Praising the re-imagination of Tarkan's "Pare Pare" (Metamorfoz, 2007), Gülşan is of the opinion that Doğulu laid down "a great disco arrangement" for the basis of the track.

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