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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bodrum Thousands See Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Banner for Bodrum Bianca Concert

Screencap of reportA DHA news wire, distributed by news portal, writes that thousands of people gathered at sea and on the shore to watch Tarkan perform, while traffic was blocked.

UPDATE: Conflicting reports on show >>

Performing at Bianca Beach Club, the wire writes that five thousand people viewed Tarkan on shore, while another thousand watched on boats and sea transportation.

Two thousand people were turned away at the door when they failed to find tickets, while traffic came to a complete standstill in the town, the report writes.

Bodrum Bianca PosterBodrum Bianca Poster
Posters for Bianca Beach Show in Bodrum, 7 August 2010 (© Bianca Beach)

Holidaying in Turkey, President Topi of Albania and his family were amongst the well-known faces at the concert. The Albanian president's two daughters were seen photographing the singer and dancing the night away to the singer's songs. Tarkan sent the president and his family autographed copies of his 2010 album Adımı Kalbine Yaz, says.

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Tarkan remained on stage for close to two hours, and there was a mad rush to take pictures with the singer. Some people in the crowd fell and were in danger of being crushed by the stampede.

Tarkan Says He Will Rock Bodrum, Singer Keeps His Promise

Bianca Beach Show Seating PlanThree hours before the concert, Tarkan went to visit the doyenne of Turkish classical music, Müzeyyen Senar, who celebrated her 92nd birthday on 16 July.

Speaking to reporters there he had said that he had come to "rock Bodrum", and the singer kept his promise, the report writes.

"On the last Saturday before we go into the month of Ramadan [a religious month of fasting] you've given me a night to remember in Bodrum, a place I love so much. And as long as I'm on stage I'm going to make this a night to remember. I can't keep still. Don't you, either," he is quoted as saying to the crowd.

At the end of the show, Tarkan was given a minutes-long standing ovation by the thousands in attendance.

Tarkan Visits Aged Singer Before Show

Screencap of reportsThere are also DHA news wires, distributed by news portal, on Tarkan's visit to doyenne Senar and her children in Bodrum.

Senar is still suffering from the after-effects of a debilitating stroke, and Tarkan has not failed to keep up his visits to the singer.

The reports write that Senar's son and daughter greeted Tarkan at the door, while neighbours applauded Tarkan on his arrival.

During the hour-long visit Tarkan took photographs with Senar's daughter, whom he praised highly. "She is one of the world's most respectful daughters. It's rare to find someone that has taken on the sole responsibility of their mother's care. I love you and my fans so much," he is quoted as saying.

On leaving, Tarkan answered reporters' questions and explained that he always visited Senar on his visits to Bodrum. "We sang "Adını Kalbime Yazdım" together. It made her very happy. And I'm real happy to see her condition is getting better. I'll always come to visit this legend of Turkish classical music and kiss her hand," he said.

Other news wires add that Tarkan said, "I sang really, she just smiled. I wrote her name across my heart a long time ago."

Screencap of reportMeanwhile, media portal Haberturk's variety section HTMagazin has also run with the story of Tarkan's visit to Senar, where he went with flowers and presents to check up on the singer's health.

In response to Tarkan's praise of Senar's daughter, she in response said, "He is the real respectful son. When my mother saw him she was so happy. He made her so happy with his thoughtfulness," HTMagazine writes.

Tarkan sang a duet with Senar in 1998, the video single to which can be viewed at MÜ-YAP's YouTube channel. Just use the search facility on its page to find Tarkan's videos.

UPDATES: MÜ-YAP closes its music channel over revenue dispute with YouTube >>
Tarkan opens his own official YouTube channel. Watch video single with Senar here >>

No Accident on Way to Festival

And in the DHA news wire about the visit, in reply to reporters asking about the reported accident on the way to the Taşköprü festival, Tarkan said that there was no accident, just a vehicle malfunction concerning the brake pads.

"We got into another vehicle and continued on our way," he explained.

News wires had sensationalised the incident with headlines such as "Tarkan Gets Shock of Life" and "Tarkan Returns From Brink of Death".

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