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Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Message from Tarkan!

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan welcomes his fans to his official site (©
Turkish pop megastar Tarkan has unveiled his official site's new look after the release of his 2010 album - with special welcome messages in Turkish and English for his fans.

As with the 2010 official site design for Tarkan's music company HITT, the new version of Tarkan's official site has been designed by Ping and is no longer being managed by Sertaç Pişkin, the creator of the previous unpopular official website at with the Metamorfoz design.

To Enter

The newly designed site's flash introAfter the flash intro promoting Tarkan's 2010 album, fans can enter the artist's newly designed site by clicking on the writing in the right hand corner of their screen, which is in Turkish and means "click here to continue".

Once in, fan and visitor alike will find Tarkan's stunning catalogue of images and music.

Best Site Ever for Fans

Tarkan leaves a welcome message on his official site

The new - and much improved - finally meets fan expectation with a large archive of photos, videos and information, and surprises for die-hard fanatics.

The best incarnation of Tarkan's official page since the beginning of the last decade during his Karma period, the new site holds Turkish and English sections, with an archived gallery of the singer's video singles, high quality studio and concert photographs from the lens of long-term Tarkan photographer Sedat Mehder, and a large biography and discography section. It also holds up-to-date contact information.

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There is also a special fan area called T-Zone, where fans can sign up and enjoy exclusive content, such as English tracks Tarkan never released for his English language projects - including a previously unheard track with Grammy Award winning violin virtuoso Miri Ben-Ari - and view photographs taken by the artist himself as he follows his hobby of photography.

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The best news of all is that Tarkan has kept his promise of 2007, and incorporated the websites of fans into the official pages of - finally granting them officialdom status.

Made up of the diligent Tarkan community that have stuck by the singer through the years, it was the brain-child of Tarkan International, the one-stop site to catch up with Tarkan's fans from across the globe getting recognition from the megastar himself.

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