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Sunday, August 08, 2010

On Tarkan's Harbiye Shows

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportHaberturk correspondent Esin Övet - who had come to Tarkan's 1 August Harbiye show - published her notes in an article dated 4 August.

Headlined as "When Tarkan went home he must have cried", Övet begins her account by stating that Tarkan's comeback has really been amazing.

"It was only about a week since the album was released, and in two days a total of 14 thousand people sang "Acımayacak", "İşim Olmaz", "Kayıp", "Öp" and "Adımı Kalbine Yaz" in unison at the Harbiye. I watched him on the second day. It took me exactly half an hour to get to my seat. So you work out how crowded it was. Ajda Pekkan was sitting in front of me. That evening the superstar shone bright. She had fun, danced and sang along with the songs all evening. When Tarkan appeared for an encore twice she applauded him on foot and didn't leave her seat until he left the stage. This is it. It's impossible not to admire the woman. Well, you don't become a superstar easily. And of course a megastar, too.

"When the entire Harbiye was shouting "Go green with envy" [as a chant to Tarkan's critics], Tarkan signalled for quiet and pacified his admirers by asking them to "send out flowers of love to everyone" and didn't hesitate to explain that such things weren't necessary because "we reap what we sow".

Press Snippets at Tarkan's official siteReaders can also take a look at press snippets about Tarkan archived at

"I am sure if it was someone else in his place, they would have taken digs at their competitors from the stage and made the headlines. Instead Tarkan was trying to hold back his tears as the whole of the Harbiye was shaking with the chant "Turkey is proud of you". I'm sure when he went home he cried.

"And the barrage of emotions Tarkan must have felt that evening was summarised best by Ajda Pekkan. The superstar said, I can understand how Tarkan is feeling at this precise moment so well. It's impossible for anyone else to understand. We all sat down like a jury. This is just something else.

"And Tarkan sang and danced non-stop for 2.5 hours. He sent kisses to everyone. And the costumes designed by Ceyda Balaban stamped their mark on the evening," Övet ends her account.

Scenes from Harbiye on TV Show

Evcilik Oyunu on Show TVMeanwhile a contestant on a Turkish reality TV show Evcilik Oyunu (The Marriage Game) on Show TV, where men and women are brought together to see who can make the most successful couple, took his contestant partner to the Tarkan Harbiye show on 31 July.

Aired 3 August, the evening's episode showed scenes prior to the concert with the man surprising his partner with the news outside a restaurant that they would be going to the Harbiye after listening to Tarkan's new album in the car.

The show also showed scenes from the concert, and a photograph taken with the singer backstage.

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