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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Over Seven Thousand Gather to See Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Sceencap of reportPaper Sabah reports on the second of Tarkan's Harbiye shows on 1 August, saying that this time 7,500 flocked to cram into the 5,000 capacity open air arena to watch Tarkan perform live - a thousand more than was reported for his first show the day before.

Sabah reports that Tarkan was overwhelmed by the crowd, and when the audience started chanting "Turkey is proud of you", the artist reportedly couldn't contain his tears.

Celebrity paper Güneş ran a similar report, describing it as Tarkan's emotional moments during the show.

Screencap of reportAnd while a news portal and a celebrity portal write that pickpockets were at work at the concert - but they were caught by the police - paper Posta also ran its own article about the Harbiye concert, saying that the open air arena "was filled to the brim".

The Posta report writes that Tarkan was called back for an encore three times, and that he spoke to celebrity guests Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan and classical female singer Emel Sayın from the stage.

While welcoming Sayın to the concert, to Pekkan he reportedly said, "We have only one superstar. I'm very happy to see you here."

A Star Event

Screencap of reportA celebrity portal's reports on the 1 August show have labelled it as "Tarkan's second strike" - alluding to the singer's summer hit track "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike").

Writing that Tarkan conquered the Harbiye for a second night in a row, it says that the show turned out to be a star studded evening with Turkish celebrities coming out in support of Tarkan.

Amongst the Istanbul jet-set, and notable artists Pekkan and Sayın, female pop singer Gülşen with Tarkan's pop protégé Emir, and female singer Funda Arar.

The article prints quotes from the attending artists, quoting Gülşen - who confesses to be a die-hard fan and calls Tarkan a world star - as saying, "The album is amazing, it's Tarkan quality. Summer has now officially arrived with Tarkan."

And always ready to speak up and be proud of his resemblance to his boss explaining it "made him feel special", Emir was cited as saying, "Everyone was waiting for this day. It's like a special holiday... I'm very happy because Tarkan is happy."

Meanwhile, classicist Sayın, who said she had bought Tarkan's album the day it was released, is said to have pointed to the jam-packed crowd at the Harbiye. "This scene is amazing."

Singer Arar said, "The audience is great. I hope Tarkan sells real well. It's an amazing concert."

And diva Pekkan - known as the definitive Turkish superstar - is quoted as saying that the megastar will always be number one, before adding, "I'm just as excited as Tarkan. We really missed him, I wish him every success."

The celebrity portal ran a second article quoting diva Pekkan after the Harbiye concert, headlined as "The Superstar's Megastar Love" - where it writes that the female singer heaped praise upon praise on Tarkan.

Explaining that she went backstage to congratulate Tarkan in person, "I feel like it was I that just got off the stage. I shared the same excitement as Tarkan. It was an amazing concert."

Tarkan at the Harbiye, 1 August 2010Tarkan at the Harbiye, 1 August 2010
Tarkan at the Harbiye, 1 August 2010 (© TarkanOnline)

Album Sells Nearly Quarter of a Million in 5 Days

Screencap of reportElsewhere, paper Hürriyet's variety section Kelebek reports on the 1 August Harbiye show, but runs with the headline that Tarkan's album has now sold 200,000 copies after just five days of release. A similar story has also been run by news portal National Turk.

The Kelebek article writes that amongst the celebrities, Pekkan and Sayın were there, too, before reminding its readers that at his first show Tarkan had mistook Pekkan's sister for Sayın.

Watching Tarkan perform at his Sunday show, Pekkan said, "My favourite track is "Adımı Kalbine Yaz" from the new album. Tarkan touches you in an amazing way with his allaturca vocals in this song," the article quotes her as saying.

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