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Monday, August 02, 2010

Press Snippets: Learning From Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportContinuing on from an article he had written in May, paper Akşam correspondent Ali Saydam has touched upon Tarkan's latest release Adımı Kalbine Yaz to say that politicians could learn a thing or two from Tarkan.

"I don't expect anyone outside of the reader to accept that the things I had written, during the days the media had thrown Tarkan into a witches' cauldron and boiled him to the bone, are slowly all coming true. But if I don't say it myself I'll regret it..."

And as Saydam reminds his readers he had written that all Tarkan needed to do was catch a strong musical hit to sort his problems out, he now writes Tarkan has captured at least four songs which can be defined as pop classics.

With songs that "grow steadily in the heart with each listen", and his horde of followers and their positive response to his latest songs, Saydam notes that Tarkan is firmly back on track despite the opinion of his harshest critics and evidences this by re-printing the recent accounts of Tarkan's smash hit shows at the Harbiye.

"I have criticised Tarkan from time to time for being unable to manage his brand name very well. I still can't understand why he never appeared at the press release to launch his own perfume range. However, as one of Turkey's three biggest stars, it doesn't change the fact that they should be treated well by the media. On the other hand, how many people successful in managing their fame in Turkey have managed to create a brand name... And Tarkan is still the best of these...

"If I were in the place of the politicians I'd follow Tarkan. Because like the politicians, he is in the horse race of popularity... He can fall into crisis like they can... He does a job that needs public awareness... Isn't this why politicians use the support of popular stars in their campaigns?

"So, it could be beneficial to look at the popular stars... And the notable points to be made are this: 1. Constant renewal (new songs, new dress, hair style, new current event, social responsibility, etc.) 2. Managing the media and the need for space (to be near yet far; to form a relationship that is open but not overly familiar) 3. International benchmarking (to see things how things are done differently abroad; taking a look at Tarkan's concerts outside of Turkey might be beneficial...)

"And then to get this accepted by the majority of the public... For example, this is what they've been trying to do with [US President Barack] Obama," Saydam ends.

In Other Reports

Meanwhile, a northern Cyprus paper reports that campy bar singer Fatih Ürek mentioned Tarkan during a concert on the island.

After singing his live rendition of Tarkan's "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") Ürek said, "Long live Tarkan," the paper writes.

And finally, in an interview with female singer Betül Demir published by paper Sabah, she mentions Tarkan in response to a question about whether artists could retire.

"Never ... not for me. I want to die on stage like [popular Turkish classicist] Zeki Müren. From his clothes to his way of talking and to his songs, he was a phenomenon. Tarkan is, too," she is quoted as saying.

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