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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tarkan Gives Life to Music Industry

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportTurkish newspaper Hürriyet's financial pages published a report today about the economic success of Tarkan's 2010 album Adımı Kalbine Yaz, headlining that it has generated £4.5 million TL in sales, with its sales target upped to 500,000 copies.

The financial report quotes Tarkan and Turkish music label DMC rep Samsun Demir, as it outlines the new hope that Tarkan's record breaking success has brought to the Turkish music industry in terms of physical sales.

Tarkan Writes Name Across Music Industry's Heart

Correspondent Ceyhun Kuburlu's 21 August dated report for Hürriyet Ekonomi writes that Tarkan's 2010 album is currently breaking records by managing to make 307,500 sales in 20 days.

Hitting the music shelves under a joint release with Tarkan's music label HITT and a DMC ticket, CD sales have generated £4.5 million TL in revenue the report writes, while quoting Tarkan as saying he believes the album will surpass sales of half a million.

"Released in the final days of July, "Adımı Kalbine Yaz" is breaking sale records ... Pointing out that the sales have brought hope to the sector, "I believe this album will surpass 500 thousand [copies]. These sale figures bring hope to the sector," Tarkan said."

Sector in Bad Way, but Pirates Slow to React

The report goes on to quote Tarkan about the music sector being in a bad way, with the number of physical sales dropping rapidly in Turkey and the world.

"The sector is going through a tough period, and reaching such sale figures made me happy, but at the same time surprised me. Despite internet downloads and [music] pirates, the sale figures for "Adımı Kalbine Yaz" promises hope for the Turkish music sector. Maybe it's proof that an album produced with care, filled with good songs can sell again. I believe this album will reach 500,000 and even surpass it."

Meanwhile, in a country where on average 150 albums are released yearly, DMC head rep Demir is quoted as saying that there is no other artist in previous years that has managed to generate such sales in Turkey.

Demir also added that, working in collaboration with the police, precautionary measures were taken against music pirates.

"Before the pirates could react to Tarkan's album the sales records had already been broken. The music sector will get back on its feet again because we've made lots of inroads on this issue. However, the internet is way in front of physical pirated copies. We've been promised that new laws will be passed in regards to this."

And whilst detailing the financial ups and downs of the global music sector, with advertising and concert sales making up a larger share of the revenue, the article adds if there is not a uniformed approach with other countries in regard to piracy, that expert bodies have forecast a loss of 1.2 million jobs in the sector.

Fasting Season Not an Issue, a Few Faulty CDs

In the final part of Kuburlu's Hürriyet Ekonomi report, it quotes Demir as saying that the interest for Tarkan's album is an "important development" for the music industry.

"Tarkan's album shows that our interest in music continues. I feel that this album is a ray of hope and a standard for all producers. If we can stop the stealing of work on the internet then the music sector can return to its golden era. The point we've arrived at today is very important. It's the first time an artist's fans have waited so long for an album. There was a great amount of excitement before its release, too.

"Tarkan's album might be a turning point for some very important developments. Traditionally during the month of Ramadan album sales would be low. However, from the level of demand this year it seems that month of Ramadan is having no effect whatsoever."

The article touches upon the matter of some of the Tarkan album CDs being faulty, with Demir explaining that a few complaints were made due to CDs not playing in car players because of a text display software burned into the album.

"These complaints were only a few. However, for customer satisfaction we replaced the CDs," Demir said.

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