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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tarkan Rocks at the Seaside

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Promo poster for Tarkan's 21 August Show at Seaside, Cesme in TurkeyOn Saturday Tarkan performed at the Seaside Beach Club in Alaçatı, Çeşme.

The first notes from the eagerly awaited 21 August performance, at one of Turkey's first and finest beach clubs, has come from micro-blogging site Twitter.

A look through the most recent tweets reveals at initial posting that the Turkish megastar has rocked another Turkish town's inhabitants with his musical prescence.

Çeşme Empties for Tarkan Show, Tarkan Wins Critics

Screencap of tweetsA variety of tweeters on Twitter have been writing Tarkan's show is "unmissable" and that Çeşme has seemingly emptied as almost everyone is at the beach club to watch Tarkan perform - whilst other tweets reveal the frustration of those unable to attend the mega event.

That frustration wasn't limited to those not attending, it seems, with one lady tweeter complaining that if Tarkan didn't get on stage soon, she wouldn't be held responsible for her actions, writing that she had been forced to come for Tarkan.

Screencap of tweetsMeanwhile in other tweets, another person attending the show "by force" - for different reasons this time - a male micro-blogger showing his obvious dislike for Tarkan reveals in his following posts that Tarkan wins him over by the end of the show.

"This Tarkan is good on stage, dude," he writes.

Moreover in another tweet, those not able to get a ticket for the Tarkan show, were able to enjoy the live music from a distance, as in the example of one tweeter writing about the joy of listening to Tarkan during a stressful ferry journey home.

Local Businesswoman Tweets Tarkan

SCreencap of tweetsHowever, the most comprehensive details about Tarkan's Seaside show on Twitter to date has come from the account of Selma Semiz, who tweeted throughout the concert to her followers.

The businesswoman from Bodrum confirmed an anticipated wait for Tarkan to get on to the stage yesterday evening - which she noted for being windy. She also tweeted the head count to have exceeded 5,000, but that she was unsure exactly how many had filled the club to watch Tarkan.

And a read through her tweets reveal that, once Tarkan started singing, all the frustration of the wait was forgotten and forgiven, with Semiz tweeting that Tarkan's songbook for the evening was a mix of past and latest hits.

Semiz shares pictures of the Tarkan concert via her Twitter accountSemiz shares pictures of the show via her Twitter account, 21 August 2010 (© Selma Semiz)

Plus, adding that contrary to the sea traffic caused by Tarkan's Bodrum show, she counted only 3 boats and 2 small fishing boats across the shore, she finally tweeted that Tarkan ended his repertoire with the 2010 Tarkan-Yıldız Tilbe track "İşim Olmaz" - which in other reports seems to suggest is fast becoming a fan favourite.

"But this audience won't let Tarkan go so easily!!! And Tarkan won't go so quickly :)))" Semiz declares.

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