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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tarkan Rocks Harbiye

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Rocks Harbiye, Queues Half a Mile Long

Screecap of reportThe Turkish papers have reported on Tarkan's successful open air show at the Harbiye in Istanbul yesterday, with the Milliyet writing that "Tarkan Shook Istanbul".

The account says that Tarkan held an eight-hour dress rehearsal and went over each item personally, while the queue of ticket holders formed was up to 300 metres long, and that the artist came down an elevator to the stage to greet the 6,500 people anxiously waiting for him to perform.

Opening with the late lyricist Aysel Gürel's words to his hit track "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike"), the report says he was overcome with the crowd singing along word-for-word.

"You didn't leave me alone on my happy day. I'm in love with you all," the singer is quoted as saying.

Screencap of reportMeanwhile, a news portal decided to focus on the statements Tarkan in defence of arabesque music that evening - pitting the singer against the renowned classicist Fazıl Say who had made dismissive comments about the genre.

The report also adds that Tarkan's stage costume was prepared by stylist Ceyda Balaban, and that ticket holders formed a queue over a kilometre long as they waited for the doors to open for an evening of a lifetime.

"This Love Won't Die"

Screencap or reportsPapers Bugün and Takvim have taken a similar slant in their reporting of the 31 July concert, by writing about the show of love between Tarkan and his fans.

While Bugün led with the story of the special banner prepared by fans, Takvim headlined its report as "This Love Won't End".

"With a chorus of [over] five thousand [singing to his songs], Tarkan has proven his success and that he has put the bad days behind him," the report writes.

In Other Reports

Elsewhere, in a celebrity portal's account of the show, the focus included a look at the celebrities that had made an appearance at Tarkan's concert - for which tickets had been sold out days in advance.

Screencap of report

Noting that many ticket holders had difficulty entering the arena due to the high volume of people, the report writes that "Tarkan stormed through with an spectacular concert ... leaving many of the celebrities watching in awe" of the Turkish megastar.

The article writes that in the VIP section sat Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan's sister Semiramis and popstress Demet Akalın.

Screencap of reportsAkalın, who is in the line up for the series of concerts being organised by Tarkan's music company HITT under the sponsorship of major Turkish music station Kral this year, has had comments published in the press where she calls Tarkan "her boss".

Scheduled to appear at the Harbiye on 3 August, Akalın reportedly commented that Tarkan has released a spectacular album and "with Tarkan as her boss she couldn't possibly fail", adding she had accepted the offer to perform for the open air summer series without hesitation.

"It's exciting to sing on the same stage as him two days later," she is quoted to have said.

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