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Monday, August 09, 2010

Tarkan's 5 Tracks with Adidas

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportWebsite brand-m, which brings the latest news about those involved in marketing music, has contacted Tarkan Deluxe to tell its readers about an article published involving Turkish pop megastar Tarkan.

The article says Adidas has joined forces with audio outfit Sennheiser to launch a new musical and athletic website which goes by the name of 5 For Sports, and features Tarkan amongst other world celebrities.

Along with their biographies, the 5 For Sports site lists celebrities and their top five tracks they listen to whilst training.

Over the next five months sports fans around the globe can nominate their five favourite songs to train to alongside their favourite idols.

Tarkan at 5 For Sports

Tarkan fans can check out Tarkan's top 5 songs while he trains - which includes artists like Michael Jackson and the Black Eyed Peas - at the site 5 For Sports.

Included is a catchy write-up of the artist's life, which includes translation help from the founder of Tarkan Deluxe, Ali Yildirim.

"Tarkan will be throwing kisses into big audiences for quite some time," it writes.

Tarkan at 5 For Sports
Tarkan at 5 For Sports
Tarkan at 5 For Sports

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