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Monday, August 02, 2010

Tarkan's Magnificent Return

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportPaper Hürriyet, alongside media portal Haberturk's variety section HTMagazin, has published another article on Tarkan's 31 July Harbiye show calling a "magnificent comeback".

The singer was so moved by the crowd singing his latest songs in unison, that he spoke out to fans to say, "If you could see yourselves from here you'd fall in love," the report writes.

Elsewhere, Pressturk writes of the open air arena filled to overflowing, and that many fans couldn't get tickets to see the show.

Screencap of reportThe article writes, however, that Tarkan mistook Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan's sister watching from the VIP seats for Ajda Pekkan herself and not classical female singer Emel Sayın as most reports have mentioned.

In a report by Sabah the same thing is mentioned, while describing the show as a "show of strength" by Tarkan.

The article also writes that Tarkan let the Turkish press know through his manager that he would not be giving any interviews, and added that Tarkan had broken a record for selling 150,000 copies of his latest album in 48 hours.

Tarkan Gets Top Marks

Screencap of reportMeanwhile, a report by paper Akşam declares "the latest Tarkan to be the right Tarkan".

While causing a stir with his latest image and album Adımı Kalbine Yaz, Tarkan has shook the Harbiye two nights in a row, the article says.

Giving Tarkan top marks for his Harbiye shows, the paper writes that Tarkan captivated his fans, with people coming from Brazil, Belgium, Holland and the USA to show the singer their support.

"With tickets ranging between £40-£175 TL having sold out days before a concert where the 'Megastar' was giving a standing ovation, [stylist] Ceyda Balaban's grey waistcoat and black studded trousers caught the eye."

The Akşam piece then goes on to quote people in the industry, from singers to stylists, for their views on Tarkan's latest incarnation and album.

Tarkan's Magnificent Return in Quotes

Actress Nilgün Belgün: "His songs show he has matured. All the words are full of meaning... before the concert I gave him a lucky charm to ward off the evil eye. His clothes were amazing. If I were younger I'd dress like him."

Singer and director Metin Arolat: I absolutely love his new songs. But there isn't any Tarkan song I don't like. I enjoy the way he sings. He even makes the worse song beautiful."

Female pop singer Demet Akalın: "In a word, perfect."

Photographer, image maker Lara Sayılgan: "He's returned to his old form where he is himself again. His body and his style is very good. Sorry to the critics, but this is a great comeback."

Fashion designer Neslihan Yargıcı: "His new image is much more successful than his suit look. I didn't like his image for the Metamorfoz album. Now he looks younger and more dynamic. Tarkan is the old Tarkan again."

Fashion designer Dilek Hanif: "There's a much younger and dynamic Tarkan in front of us. It's a successful and perfect combination. He has used clothes suited to the album. It's very obvious they've worked hard on his image."

Manager and image maker Özgür Aras: "The old Tarkan has returned as a trendsetter. His hair, belt, trousers... He has shown is he is a real trendsetter with it all."

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