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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Thirty Thousand at Tarkan Show

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportA DHA news wire, distributed by news portal, writes that over thirty thousand people are believed to have gathered in the region of Kastamonu to watch Tarkan perform last Friday.

Famous for its garlic production, the town of Taşköprü in the region held its 24th annual festival this year, with local news wires publishing the great success of the local municipality in adding a Tarkan gig to their festival schedule for 6 August. The festival had began a day before, on Thursday 5 August.

The DHA news wire also provided video footage of the "unforgettable event".

King Tarkan Crowned at Garlic Festival

Screencap of reportTarkan gave a spectacular performance in Kastamonu last Friday, a northern Turkish province in the Black Sea region, for a garlic festival, variety section Kelebek for paper Hürriyet writes.

Tarkan performed on 6 August, where the Taşköprü mayor, Hüseyin Arslan, came on to the stage to hand over a "crown of garlic" to the artist, and to warmly welcome him to the region.

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Talking about the benefits of garlic, and how he consumed it daily and contrary to popular belief loved the smell of it, Tarkan also took the opportunity to ask locals to say no to the proposed building of a hydro-powered dam in the region (similar to his father's homestead), the Hürriyet variety says, publishing excerpts from the DHA news wire.

After the concert a mad rush ensued as young girls crammed to hug and kiss Tarkan. On leaving the arena, Tarkan spoke about his latest album, saying that "it was worth all my hard work," the news wire reports.

Traffic Accident on the Way to Show

Alongside reports from local channels that there was a bomb scare before the show, the Hürriyet account also published the story that Tarkan suffered a road accident on the way to the festival.

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After flying into the region, Tarkan was provided jeep transport by the organisers, the breaks of which were discovered to be faulty whilst driving on the narrow and winding roads. The jeep was pulled to a stop with great difficulty causing panic amongst the artist and other passengers.

Tarkan managed to reach the festival by another vehicle escorting the first, the report writes.

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