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Monday, August 09, 2010

What Happened in Bodrum?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Conflicting reports have started to come out of Turkish press reports on Tarkan's Bodrum show at Bianca Beach Club on 7 August.

Megastar Gets a Standing Ovation

Screencap of reportPaper Hürriyet has reported on the DHA news wire that thousands had a great time at the event, awarding Tarkan with a standing ovation at the end of the concert, while also publishing photographs from the evening.

It has been headlined as Tarkan causing a storm in Bodrum, with thousands turned away at the door, and the singer telling the crowd that they had helped make it a night he "would never forget".

Despite video footage and photographs of the evening evidencing the news wire, other reports have given a completely different version of events, however.

Tarkan Complains About Bodrum

Screencap of reportsThere are now reports circulating in the Turkish press - and slowly accumulating in number - that have run with an initial report from Milliyet's variety section Cadde about the Bodrum show where Tarkan had reportedly said on stage that if he didn't see the crowd having more fun, he wouldn't come to Bodrum again.

Reports have now grown so that media portal Haberturk's variety pages HTMagazin has prepared a report describing the artist's performance as "disappointing".

Meanwhile, other reports have written about the "free-loaders" that watched the concert for free from the sea, while those in the concert arena paid high amounts of money for their tickets to watch Tarkan perform.

A news portal has even published an opinion piece on Tarkan's so-called "anger" at the Bodrum crowd, saying that Tarkan shouldn't blame the crowd, but blame the organisers instead for what they claim was a poorly prepared event.

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