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Friday, March 08, 2013

Tarkan: Stop Violence Against Women

Turkish music artist Tarkan has posted a message on his Facebook page today to explain why he won't be celebrating March 8 as International Women's Day.

In a heartfelt plea, the singer has aired his concerns about violence against women in his society. Explaining that Women's Day isn't a cause for celebration until women are free, he describes it as "a day of sorrow".

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He writes:

March 8 is not a day to celebrate...

March 8 International Women's Day is in truth a day full of sorrow on our calendar, and in my opinion is not a day to be celebrated...

Regrettably in a society that holds mothers and motherhood as sacred, men are still killing women and girls!

It's impossible to understand this contradiction!

On one hand the man that reveres his mother and motherhood will on the other torture, beat other mothers and potential mothers. Even exploiting everything they earn. Taking away their freedom.

This bullying is the by-product of a diseased mindset, triggered by a manhood trapped between an archaic sense of honour and honourability...

Such a male mindset has been created that he only accepts his own right to exist, he doesn't recognise that right to the women near him without his permission or approval, or the opportunity for them to develop, think, feel, speak.... And when faced with a situation not to his approval, hiding behind any reason his mindset validates, he carries out every type of violence, even kills, and sometimes buries them alive...

For this day to be celebrated:

The anguish of all women currently subject to the persecution of men must stop, it requires their escape from the risk of violence and death, the rescue of child brides and the liberation of all women...

It requires the law to be more supportive of female victims of violence...

It requires all of us to become aware of the violence against women and fight it to the end...

Only then will March 8 be a day to celebrate..."

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