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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Comes First for Tarkan

An article by female celebrity correspondent Gülden Avuç, published by Turkish language news site Bugün, writes that Turkish pop icon Tarkan has chosen his family over money during the Ramadan holidays.

The celebrity correspondent claims she has learned that the talented singer has turned down concert offers totalling an estimated one million dollars, because he won't break the tradition of spending the holidays with his loved ones. She quotes Tarkan as saying that he does not work during the holidays "on principle" because he spends it with his mother.

Avuç writes that for the holiday period, while most singers usually have their managers broker the best deals available months in advance, Tarkan prefers to spend this time with his mother rather than on the stage. The music artist, who is currently believed to be in England following a property purchase (although there are also rumours he is in Barcelona taking time off from working on his latest album), is expected to return to Istanbul for the holidays.

The Ramadan festivities (similar to the moveable feast of Easter after Lent in orthodoxy) is celebrated with a public holiday that can last for several days. Like New Year celebrations, it is a lucrative time for singing celebrities, who are rested up after the fasting month.

Tarkan is known for attracting record fees for his famed live performances, and is often described as Turkey's highest-earning performer. He can command prices of up to half a million (500,000) dollars a show for events abroad or during the holidays.

It is believed the pop entertainer politely declined offers from hotels in Antalya and for two shows in Azerbaijan, proving him to be a dutiful son, the article says.

Tarkan: A Dutiful Son

The close relationship Tarkan shares with his loving mother is well documented in the celebrity press. At the finale of his 2010 Harbiye concerts, Tarkan had introduced a jam-packed audience to his tearful mother, kneeling down in front of her and urging her not to cry.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this lady," he said, echoing the deep bond and affection shared between mother and son.

Meanwhile, on 12 May this year, the artist posted one of his most endearing selfies on his official Facebook page, sharing photographs of him and his mother on Mother's Day, and those who closely follow the trials and tribulations of arguably Turkish pop music's most international star will know that family ties are important to Tarkan.

Tarkan's Vizyon interview/2001
On the subject of family and his childhood, Tarkan had "opened his heart" in 2001 to Turkish writer Perihan Mağden in an interview for gloss magazine Vizyon, in what is considered by many as one of the most moving and revealing interviews the iconic singer has ever given.

In it, the love he has for his mother, and for his two elder sisters from his mother's first marriage - the "guardian angels" of his childhood - is evident. Tarkan expresses to Mağden how during his boyhood he rarely remembers his mother being happy. It had been a difficult time for all them, as his parents struggled to survive in comparative poverty as migrant workers in Germany - the singer's country of birth.

Of that time, he describes his mother as a strong and courageous woman who worked hard for her large family.

I have my mother's courage and emotional side I think. Really for that woman to carry all that burden ... I remember my mum's love a lot. Her hugs and cuddles, stuff like when I fell ill, she nursed me, crying. I also grew up with that kind of love."

In the touchingly frank discussion published in Vizyon, Tarkan also shares tough childhood memories of his late father being a distant figure, whilst managing to bravely show an adult understanding over those difficult times - something his admirers say he is famed for just as much as his live concerts.

During one of his shows in Moscow in 2006, the artist spoke to female reporter İlke Gürman in another open discussion about his father, where the singer's love and pride for his father, and for his father's Turkish homestead in the Black Sea region, is clear in retrospect.

Reading like a poignant "rags-to-riches" story, Tarkan's father passed away before he could see his son reach the apex of his career, but Tarkan is known to visit his father's home village and pay his respects regularly. He donates to the upkeep of his paternal hamlet, the residents of which have readily adopted him as their most famous son.

A genteel and family-loving man, Tarkan has his feet firmly on the ground since wearying from fame early on in life, preferring to focus on helping those in need and raising awareness over social and green issues instead, and gaining the respect of many as a result.

Concerts to be announced

In other news, it has been leaked that Tarkan has signed a deal worth 3.6 million for what is believed to be a series of 9 shows at the Harbiye open air arena in Istanbul, between the months of August and September.

Rumours over the pop star making an appearance with shows at the Harbiye this year have been doing the rounds already. Although official sources have not yet confirmed any reports, tickets have gone on sale at Biletix for 4 shows at the Harbiye venue during August and September - in addition to a concert in the country's capital city of Ankara.

UPDATE: Official sources confirm shows at the Harbiye >>

Provisional concert dates are as follows:

Dates & Venues (Dates may be subject to change)

31.08.2013 : Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey

01.09.2013 : Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
02.09.2013 : Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
04.09.2013 : Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
28.09.2013 : Kentpark, Ankara, Turkey

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