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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ten Things: Did You Know...?

Saturn view of Earth
Saturn's view of Earth, the pale blue dot in the bottom right part of the image/NASA.

News of the quirky, quintessential and queenly snipped from the press.

  1. Imaging scientists are putting together a portrait of the entire Saturn system.
  2. Tears do not fall in space.
  3. Plants have a built-in capacity to do maths.
  4. Dolphins call each other by "name".
  5. Scientists say the shock wave from an asteroid that burned up over Russia in February was so powerful that it travelled twice around the globe.
  6. A tough ancient Chinese exam inspired modern job recruitment.
  7. People in China hold "fake funerals" for themselves, so they can "enjoy" the day.
  8. If you already speak two or three languages, you'll learn a new one faster.
  9. The Prince of Wales pays less tax than his servants.
  10. The British Queen has no passport.

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