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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ten Things: Did You Know...?

Aslakan island to disappear
American island to disappear in 10 years?/August 2013

  1. Hikers have captured video footage claiming to be of the legendary Bigfoot.
  2. Chris Beck, after spending 20 years operating in secret behind enemy lines as an elite US Navy Seal, is now living as a woman.
  3. An American world wrestling star has been attacked by a fan who entered the ring during an event, hailing the first "real injury" in the history of their staged fights.
  4. A study has advised new mothers to breastfeed their baby until the age of one to boost their child's IQ.
  5. A study by the National Literacy Trust has said that mealtime chatter helps boost children's communication skills.
  6. An author is suggesting that we can be happy by doing less.
  7. Within a decade the Alaskan island of Kivalina is likely to disappear under water.
  8. Historical records from the time of the Incas reveal that alcohol and coca leaves (from which cocaine is extracted) were substances reserved for the elite and often used in Incan rituals.
  9. It was a British tea shop and catering chain that developed the first computer for business use.
  10. Most adults in England are risking their health by failing to get enough exercise, research shows, but intense exercise could cause a stroke.

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