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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thirty Things: Did You Know...?

Bristol march
Bristol Marches were watershed for equality fight/Bristol Evening Post

  1. Home, a new play by Nadia Fall, seeks to expose theatregoers to the tough reality of young homeless people in east London, as told in their own words.
  2. Forty years ago, the term Stockholm Syndrome was coined at the end of a six-day bank siege.
  3. Fifty years have passed since campaigners overturned a ban on ethnic minorities working on Bristol's buses. It was a watershed in the fight for equality in England.
  4. Operation Trident was established in 1998 to tackle gun crime and homicide within London's black community.
  5. Men who kill their families can be separated into four distinct types.
  6. The government is to lift a ban that stops healthcare staff with HIV performing certain medical procedures, while some young HIV patients are giving up their medicine after being told by Pentecostal Church pastors to rely on faith in God instead, doctors warn.
  7. A suspected member of a gang of jewel thieves known as the Pink Panthers has been arrested in southern France.
  8. An inmate at a women's prison in England was held in segregation for more than five years, an inspection report has revealed.
  9. Online violent porn is on the rise, while California is considering a law that would make it illegal to post "revenge porn" in the US state. Meanwhile, the British government's plans to protect children from obscene material online has been dismissed as "absolutely ridiculous" by one of their advisers.
  10. Pakistan is not the kind of place that most people would associate with gay liberation - but some say Pakistan is a great place to be a gay man.
  11. Dozens of schools in England and Wales are accused of using language in sex education policies echoing the scrapped "Section 28" rules, which banned the promotion of homosexuality.
  12. A near-death experience after falling overboard from a container ship in the South China Sea 26 years ago made Peter Bronsman, now a multimillionaire cider-maker, vow to make more of his life.
  13. A 15-year-old herder has died in Kyrgyzstan of bubonic plague - the first case in the country in 30 years - officials say.
  14. A man has been found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound inside singer Olivia Newton-John's home in Florida, local media report.
  15. A woman's flip-flop caught under her car's accelerator pedal, causing her to crash into a kebab shop window injuring several people, a court has heard.
  16. The 87-year-old actor Dick Van Dyke has escaped unscathed after his car burst into flames on a freeway in the Los Angeles area.
  17. LA once had one of the most effective public transport systems in the United States.
  18. Campaigners say NHS hospitals in England are hiding patient dissatisfaction with the food they serve, with some suggesting presentation may be to blame.
  19. Health checks offered to millions of people over 40 are a waste of time, says the UK's leading GP.
  20. Every year more than 20 million babies are born prematurely or with low birth weight - and an estimated 450 of them die each hour.
  21. Nearly 25,000 school-leavers failed the test for admission to the University of Liberia, one of two state-run universities.
  22. Three people are being sought after an arson attack on an Islamic centre in England.
  23. The US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has said that the country will reach its debt limit by mid-October and called on Congress to act "as soon as possible" to avoid such a situation.
  24. Charities and an MP in the UK are campaigning for tougher restrictions on sex offenders, saying the system is failing to stop grooming and exploitation of children.
  25. A recent survey said one in five children had bad experiences online.
  26. Having a sibling while growing up can help a child resist allergies, obesity, and depression.
  27. Almost 400,000 homes in England have been given planning permission but have yet to be built, research suggests.
  28. Forty days is a time period usually associated with giving up a bad habit.
  29. Canadian animal welfare officers have rescued 40 distressed pythons from plastic storage bins in a motel room.
  30. There is no such thing as road tax in the UK.

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