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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Twenty Things: Did You Know...?

Confederate flag
The Confederate flag still divides opinion/Getty Images

  1. Light therapy helps bullied mice overcome anxiety.
  2. Eating more fruit, particularly blueberries, apples and grapes, is linked to a reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes, suggests a study in the British Medical Journal.
  3. Scientists believe they have figured out why it takes us so long to adapt when we travel to new time zones.
  4. Modern men are less sensation seeking than they used to be, according to new research.
  5. Released in 1994 by Nintendo, Virtual Boy was the first games console marketed with out-of-the-box virtual reality (VR). It was a flop.
  6. Dial-up net access is still used in many rural and remote areas of the UK.
  7. Edward Craven Walker was inspired to create the lava lamp, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, after admiring an oil and water-based ornament he had spotted on display in the country inn.
  8. Forty years ago two British sailors plunged almost 1,600ft into an abyss, 150 miles off Ireland, in a deep-sea submersible. Trapped in a 6ft-diameter steel ball for three days, the men had only 12 minutes of oxygen left when they were finally rescued. Elsewhere a soldier has collapsed and died while on a three-mile training run on moorland in North Yorkshire.
  9. The Ring O' Fire Anglesey event is considered one of the most extreme ultra marathons in the UK and circumnavigates the island off the north west coast of Wales.
  10. The picture of a wife carrying a legless marine goes viral.
  11. Wearing camouflage clothing is an offence in Barbados.
  12. The US has said it will act in its "best interests" in dealing with the Syria crisis, after British MPs rejected military intervention. This has erupted into a row between the two main political parties at Westminster, while the French president has said the vote by UK MPs has not changed France's resolve to take firm action. In the meantime, a "robust response" to the alleged use of chemical weapons in which 1,429 people, including 426 children, are believed to have died is needed despite UK military involvement being ruled out, the British prime minister said. The Parliament's block was discussed with Barack Obama, who has "respected" the decision.
  13. Some liken the Confederate flag to the swastika.
  14. The death sentence handed down to drug smugglers in Indonesia is carried out by firing squad.
  15. One of the biggest canyons in the world has been found beneath the ice sheet that smothers most of Greenland, while the world's thickest ice sheet may be at greater risk from variations in the climate than previously believed.
  16. The British Chambers of Commerce has sharply upped its 2013 growth forecast, saying the economy is gaining momentum.
  17. Seamus Heaney, who has died aged 74, was internationally recognised as the greatest Irish poet since WB Yeats.
  18. A head chef for ferry firm P&O, was found wrapped in clingfilm having died in what is being described as a "sex game gone wrong".
  19. Britain's oldest glamour model is still stripping off for the cameras at 62 years old.
  20. A former Olympic Team GB boxer has been shot in Essex.

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