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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Harbiye Hosts Year's Event

Tarkan on facebook
Tarkan has shared photographs from his sell-out open air Harbiye shows on his Facebook account, by adding three albums from his final three September appearances.

Taken from the lens of Özgür Ülker, the photographs capture the energy of the iconic pop star's live performances, while the albums also evidence the packed audiences that came to see the artist perform live for five consecutive nights at Istanbul's historic open air theatre.

Playing to crowds of 7-8,000 each evening, the total attendance figures are estimated to be around 35,000 to 40,000 easily making it the amphitheatre's event of the year, with a huge part of the proceeds of the shows going to good causes.

As previously reported, all proceeds from the last two shows on 3-4 September are being donated to non-profit charitable organisations.

The 3 September benefit gig was held for a centre for people with special needs in the Eyüp district of Istanbul, while the 4 September show was in aid of raising awareness about Tarkan's continuing campaigns for nature, the proceeds of which will go to the building of a nature school in Izmir.

The 4 September show is in conjunction with another charity gig the singer is set to give this month in the region, which the singer had rescheduled in deference to the Gezi Park protests.

Even with two decades of music under his belt, the popularity of his live performances and the indefatigable support from his Turkish fans seem to suggest the singer has yet to reach the acme of his career.

Snippets from the September Shows

Amongst news stories about the five day marathon, reports say the 3 September show held for people with special needs provided a special area for members of the audience in wheelchairs at the front, and that Tarkan "shed tears" while he sang "Verme" (Karma, 2001), one of his most popular songs from his two decades-long oeuvre of Turkish pop hits.

From the 3 September show, Tarkan's Facebook album published one of the metres-long slogans, written specially by his hardcore fans and rolled out for the occasion, which read: "For centuries legends are written by history, but if history wanted to write you, you're bigger than history, too".

Meanwhile, news broadcaster NTV aired a video of Tarkan's 3 September show, talking of the proceeds going to good causes and interviewing celebrity attendees such as female singer Bengü and theatre and TV actress Nilgün Belgün, who were amongst the audience.

While Bengü commented how it had been years since she had seen Tarkan perform live and was excited she had finally got round to do so again, actress Belgün commented to the microphone how she loved Tarkan's "good heart".

"To be a good person is difficult, and Tarkan is a good person - I love his good heart," she said.

In news elsewhere, this time provided by social media networks, Turkish jazz and pop music singer, theatre actress, and writer Füsun Önal shared her experiences from the 3 September show via her Twitter account. Posting photographs from backstage, and during the singer's performance, Önal praised Tarkan highly throughout her tweets.

Snippets regarding the 4 September show also appeared on Önal's account, when she retweeted comments from concert-goers to the final show, using the hashtag #DogaSensin (#YouAreNature).

Her retweets included CNN Türk's Fatih Türkmenoğlu tweet that Tarkan was the only Turkish star with the "it" factor, with a tweet from another member of the audience tweeting that the 4 September nature show had aired a video of the Gezi Park protests, with the audience chanting, "Her yer Taksim, her yer direniş!" (Every place is Taksim, every place is resistance).

Tarkan's Facebook album of the Harbiye finale also shows that nature campaigners were at the show with specially made banners thanking Tarkan for his support for their various causes across the country.

Finally, a celebrity report has published a dialogue Tarkan had with his fans at his last show as he sipped a drink. "I am drinking tea, not alcohol. I have never performed drunk, or drank before a show.

"I would never disrespect my fans or my performance in that way," he is reported to have said.

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