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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Last Candle

love is the last candle we burn;
for when its light dies
       we have no other
with which to break the dark,
       or to spark into life the passion
that turns the black to white;

and you are my last candle, my love;
the only one I shall ever light,
the only prayer I will ever speak,
       for love is the last prayer,
the only hope of the child lost
in the deepest of night;
       and love is its own saviour
that comes to fight your corner
with disregard to its own life,

and I will die for you, my love,
as long as I can live in you;
for you are the last candle
       I shall ever burn in homage
to something new; and if I am to die,
then let me die bright
       knowing I've loved you;
let me shine to the last in the nova
of a dying star's living memory,

for you are my last flame
to which I warm-- that outshines
       even the burning of the sun,
so make love burn in me to the last,
       take me, take me, until we sleep
together in the dark as one.

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