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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Silence of Wisdom

A Moment Without Ground

Silence is a moment without ground
where I hold on to my thoughts of you,
though you may not hear it;

but every space in between a beat
of sound has its own rhythm to it,
that's where I dance with you:

in every step I stand still
to listen to life's will
I still walk with you;

with every intake of breath
left for me to take,
I break life's fast with you.

When Love Makes No Sound

you look at me
and I look at you;
that is all it takes for understanding;

for we have put aside all words
and all sounds that have an ending;

now we put our faith in silence
and its unspoken truth:

that we do not live for the moment,
but make the moment live for us,

that we are the strongest
when love is like the air,
which needs to make no sound
to tell us it's there.

Silence Is No Break

since meeting you
they ask of me
this question constantly:
are you still writing poetry?

but I say nothing;
for the foolish will always think
that silence is a break,

while the wise
will likewise know, when
love is not writing poetry
it is making it.

Wisdom Does Not Speak

I stand here stronger knowing
that your love is growing,

with a wisdom that doesn't speak out loud
to boast to a like-minded crowd,

nor proclaims itself an ambassador
to somehow sound its substance more;

for it knows pretending to be something
in the hope of becoming that thing,

is as futile as waiting for a spoken lie
to turn to truth in the blink of an eye;

for there is no need to bolster
what is already the greater,

when its wisdom lights the dark like a star
to lead you to who you really are;

and you discover that true acceptance
is the real wisdom of silence.

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