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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Old Profession

Dine like kings when you can;
with presidents and queens if you wish,

but sup with those less well off, too,
from the one plate
all they have to share with you;

let good words cleanse
your palate, or whet the appetite
for all that is true;

let the truth dazzle in its hue
slowly, peacefully, quietly;

let the fundamental enter you
as a whisper willing to bend,
or as an open door that welcomes
the opposing guest as a friend;

be in the other
when you talk to another;

be as low as the atom
that made the both of you;

and know -- know this:
dine like kings if you wish,
but feed the paupers of peace, too,

for only they have the answer to
the question why
our oldest profession
is not to love ourselves,
but to sell ourselves:

child, woman, man,

dine like kings when you can
but ask yourself why
we are less now than when we began.

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