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Monday, June 23, 2014

Ten Things of Death and Birth

The CIA devised Osama bin Laden devil doll/MSN UK
  1. The CIA has admitted to making an Osama bin Laden doll with a face that could morph into that of a demon, to distribute it to children as an attempt to "win hearts and minds".
  2. An Egyptian court has confirmed the death sentences of more than 180 Islamists, including the top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, while three al-Jazeera journalists accused of supporting them have been jailed for seven years in Egypt.
  3. A top counter-terrorism expert has said Britain will feel the repercussions of Syria and the rise of Islamic extremism within its own borders for "many years" to come, and that young British Muslims who have travelled to the war-torn country to fight might commit violence when they return. Meanwhile, British police have called for calm in the wake of the brutal murder of a Saudi Arabian student, fearing she may have been targeted because she was wearing a Muslim abaya robe and a multi-coloured hijab headscarf.
  4. A British politician who suggested he would punch a Muslim female journalist, who came to Britain from Uganda in 1972, "in the throat" has escaped disciplinary action despite calls for him to be kicked out of the Conservative party. He commented that he "felt like a star" from all the subsequent press attention.
  5. A debt-ridden English couple are facing a life sentence after being convicted of murdering the woman's parents and burying them in their own back garden with "cold calculation and meticulousness". Despite their debts, the couple spent thousands on film star memorabilia including signed photos and autographs of Hollywood actor and two-times Oscar winner Gary Cooper and crooner Frank Sinatra.
  6. A young celebrity described heroin as "a bleak drug" in what is thought to have been her last ever interview before she died a possibly drug-related death in April. It's thought she lost her life in the same way as her TV presenter mother, who died from an accidental heroin overdose at her London home in 2000. (Read more)
  7. Earth is on the brink of a "mass extinction event" which could be equivalent in scale to the one that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, a landmark study by an international group of scientists has concluded.
  8. A swan has miraculously survived its injuries after it was shot twice with a crossbow and then several more times with an air gun.
  9. A German cave researcher was brought to the surface after suffering head injuries in an accident that left him stranded over 3000 feet underground for eleven days.
  10. A group of police officers who pulled over a speeding car ended up facing a newborn baby instead of a criminal, as a heroic grandfather delivered his granddaughter at the side of the road.

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