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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ten Things of World and Cups

Greece is the word: Georgios Samaras scores late penalty for his team
  1. Greece has won a place in the last 16 nations competing for the World Cup in Brazil. The Greek team won through to the knockout stages of the World Cup for the first time in its history. (Read more)
  2. Back home England fans demand Liverpool star Luis Suarez is deported after his World Cup goals against England in their match with Uruguay, while British medics treating a World Cup pub reveller injured during the game were threatened with having their faces ripped off. Meanwhile, a Scotsman who waved a Scottish flag at the World Cup match during England's defeat against Uruguay caused a social media storm. Scotland was one of the first football teams not to qualify for the tournament.
  3. Unofficial England World Cup mugs, with the image of US president Barack Obama mistakenly used instead of defender Chris Smalling, are proving popular after being put on sale online.
  4. Not all Brazilians like watching the World Cup.
  5. There is a World Cup for countries that don't exist.
  6. Some believe there might be a robot World Cup by 2050.
  7. Earlier this month a programme called "Eugene Goostman" convinced enough judges at the Royal Society in London it was a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy that it supposedly became the first computer ever to pass the Turing test - so named after pioneering British computer scientist Alan Turing, who devised it in 1950 as a gauge of artificial intelligence.
  8. In Japan when something momentous happens, bra-makers Triumph issue a commemorative bra. This includes the hat-trick bra, created to commemorate the 2002 World Cup in Japan, and is a collector's item. Limited edition sets were sold for 17,000 yen (£100).
  9. Outspoken comedian Russell Brand has staged a "topless protest" in London's Parliament Square, calling for a "joyful revolution".
  10. There is an omelette named after the author Arnold Bennett.

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