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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Album on Repeat

Families are on the run in Gaza, in Israel tanks are on the move

Side A           to the free and brave American
who has pacified millions into non-existence,
to the European who has slaughtered the same,
to the Jew, the Palestinian,
and every metalliferous human, give or take
at one time or another
in some other form or name, I say
how we ignore every action
is a link that forges a chain everlasting,
and death is neither serene nor violent, only as we make it,
but for the cutting of the electric cable, and
I am neither romantic enough, nor poetic
to see eternity in a destroyed daffodil,
or that forgiveness is a pearl lying
in the depths of the deepest lake of mercy,
where we have to dive for it or drain it to find it,
and yet, should you feel there is something more titanic
than poetry, fucking, or something to eat,
or the killing of this human meat;
then I would say: why would love create
in nature for every nucleus a mate; something so abundant
and yet so rare without a purpose?
and is this it?
to die and leave behind this company of mysteries
and shadows with woebegone tales
of how we scorch the earth and sky,
and sit down and cry about it afterwards?
or do we secretly enjoy the smell of death
like the smell of earth after rain?

           and to the sixteen year old girl
in her bed trying to sleep inside her pain
while the bombing voices cry,
whether in an Israeli city or Gaza, I say
which one of them will not pray
not to die? which one is not your daughter,
wanting to live, and what would each one of us do
if you were that student from Chicago
who lost eight family members
by the bombing of his Gaza home?

           and to mother Palestine,
or father Israel, I say does it matter who does the fucking
and who as witness will observe this cuckolding?
what of Britain, how about you officiate a wedding,
with godparents France and Germany overseeing?
and America you can bring all your guests to applaud
the consummation of girls screaming in their beds;
and which one of these refusing frauds
will be the first to arrive at the ironic dominion
of believing they'll still get to Heaven,
whilst creating hell out of an earth
where babes die in their heads?

Side B           and how about the hypocrisy
of these nations of Islam?
where you would cut off the starving arm
of a child reaching for bread,
or hang a man for no harm but loving another man instead,
or how you murder the souls of children as brides,
or where you kill each other in your sects and divides
as imperviously select as Israel; what right do you have to rail
for justice, or to speak of genocide, when you do not see
humanity as a side of your family; for it's only those who share
your Western-corrupted ideology
you add to your elitist fraternity; and in your loving treatments
lack any semblance of humanity;

           how blind you are not to see the cult you follow
is not even the religion you call Islam, but an extreme version
of an archaic European sham, and how sad that you cannot know
that while you listen to death as an album on repeat
you feel worth paying for, you forget it's only life
that is worthy of repeated listening;
and if you wanted to really protest
then protest bright; protest with creative might;
and protest all of inhumanity, not just for those of us
you're religiously tight with, question yourself
and whether that's the way a human being should fight,

           realise that as certain as you are
that not all use your faith as murderous quatrains;
there will be Israelis that also share your pain,
and will not condone any killing in their name; understand, too,
that Americans and Europeans will empathise
with the innocents that are being crushed between
vices of their making, and respect those who have fought for you;
remember all those activists who have sought
to prevent Israeli war crimes, so that when the time comes
you will protest the inhumanity of those who take
your beliefs to the extreme: know you can shit in this river,
but life is an exchanging stream,

Bonus Track           and how about the pious Christian
who will clap at these words
like some barfing seal? or the Muslim who takes offence
like some over sensitive ignoramus; or the ultra-orthodox Jew
who is worse still with their fundamentalist zeal; I am proud to say
I am not for any of you;
I am only for love that always has our backs
if only we would look back long enough to see,
because when I look at your faces,
I don't hate the Palestinian or the Jew,
I am just ashamed of being human,
because of you.

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