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Friday, July 04, 2014

Harbiye to Host Tarkan?

According to Turkish press reports, Tarkan is rumoured to be planning an end of summer series of open air concerts at the Harbiye in the coming months.

Although the pop icon is absent from the main summer schedule at the open air arena in Istanbul, it's been reported that he may be slated to perform in a series of shows towards the end of August or the start of September.*

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It's also thought that during the shows Tarkan will perform the eagerly awaited collaboration with Turkish producer İskender Paydaş - expected to be released this month.

Tarkan has made history at the open air theatre in past years, with consecutive marathons of sell-out shows to record audiences.

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*UPDATES: Harbiye's Facebook page confirmed five September dates on 3 July, printing the possibility of three more to come. Then ten days later on 13 July, a celebrity columnist wrote of eight dates from 1 September onwards, although these had not been confirmed by official sources at time of writing. The article stated Tarkan would première his Kayahan cover tribute and perform his original studio collaboration with Paydaş live during the September shows.

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