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Friday, July 11, 2014

Tarkan Selfie on Instagram

Firmly climbing on the "selfie" bandwagon, Tarkan has started posting on his official Instagram account while on set filming the music video for "Hop De" today, his new track with producer İskender Paydaş.

The singer announced his Instagram account on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and added a new Instagram button at his official site The official site's current incarnation was designed in 2010, to coincide with the release of the singer's studio album Adımı Kalbine Yaz (Write My Name Across Your Heart).

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A fake Tarkan Instagram account was active for some time before today, managing to garner over 85,000 followers, but now with the pop icon's official presence at the network it has changed its description to a "fanpage".

With an official Instagram account, Tarkan fans have yet another channel to follow the singer on, but it's uncertain whether he will be more active on this account than the other major social networks.

Tarkan breaks the Instagram ice with a selfie

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Meanwhile, the top exec of Tarkan's current music label DMC, Samsun Demir tweeted on his official Twitter account today that Tarkan "was on Instagram", after having tweeted previously that Tarkan would be on set 11 July to film the visuals to his latest original studio recording "Hop De".

This collaboration with pop producer Paydaş is a first for Tarkan, coming together for the second album in Paydaş' celebrity compilation series "Zamansız Şarkılar" (Timeless Songs). Written and composed by Tarkan, arranged and produced by Paydaş, the music video to the album's locomotive track is being directed by Murad Küçük.

Filming is taking place on location at the Adile Sultan Palace in Istanbul. A former royal residence of an Ottoman princess, parts of the cultural centre have been sectioned off to create a special performance stage for the video, with some members of Tarkan's own orchestra taking part.

Work on the video is expected to last a day. When completed, the new music video showcasing their collaboration is expected to première at video-on-demand site netd.

Tarkan on set for his new music video "Hop De"

Demir also tweeted that it's hoped Paydaş' album will be released just on or before the customary moveable three day feast that celebrates the end of a month of fasting for Ramadan (corresponding with the end of July), but it's not known whether the video and song release will coincide with that tentative date.

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Finally, in other Turkish news reports there are rumours Tarkan might be releasing an album in the genre of Turkish classical music. Headlined as the singer's "five year secret", it's rumoured the singer is considering a studio album release of traditional songs.

The report claims that the arrangements have been ready and "kept secret in a safe" for five years, and Tarkan is just looking for the right time and place to add his much sought after vocals.

Although the singer has ventured into the world of Turkish classics before, with traditional and modern hits, fans in Turkey have eagerly awaited a studio album for some years, as the pop icon is considered a master of Turkish art music in his home territory.

Tarkan was schooled in the Turkish classical tradition from a young age, after his family relocated back to Turkey from Germany in the eighties.

UPDATE: Samsun Demir tweeted on 12 July to quash Turkish classical album rumours in the press. In response to questions about a classical album, Demir tweeted that he didn't "think so for now, but in the future" and that Tarkan was currently working on a pop album. In 2016 Tarkan finally released a long awaited classical album before a new pop outing.

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