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Friday, July 04, 2014

Ten Things of Bible and Studies

St Paul at St Edmund's, Suffolk/Getty
  1. St. Paul was not a fan of circumcision.
  2. In the Bible, the line from Isaiah prophesying a "virgin" birth is said to be a mistranslation of "young woman".
  3. Early Christians considered The Acts of John to be the gospel truth, which included miracles of talking dogs and resurrected fishes, until church officials removed the stories from the Bible and burned all known copies.
  4. There are no authentic accounts of Christians ever been fed to lions in the Colosseum.
  5. Depending on who you ask, the Roman Empire was actually only the 19th largest empire in history.
  6. Mongol conquerors not only tolerated foreign religions among the populace, but nurtured them, going so far as to offer tax breaks to Daoist, Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian churches.
  7. Despite what society believes thanks to ancient Greek thought, people actually don't like the stereotypical masculine and feminine voices. At least not when it comes to relationships, researchers have found.
  8. Studies have shown that it's possible to have an orgasm so aggressive that you lose your vision.
  9. Scholars at the prestigious Oxford University teamed up with those at Exeter concluded that women who consume more calories around the time of conception, and, in particular, eat more bananas, are more likely to have sons. In conjunction, they discovered that skipping breakfast gave a greater likelihood of a baby girl.
  10. Children's language skills are actually improved by texting, research suggests.

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