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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ten Things of Tom and Foolery

US diplomat Tom Malinowski has been ordered out of Bahrain/AP
  1. Tom Malinowski, a United States diplomat has been ordered to leave Bahrain after meeting members of a leading Shia opposition group, say Bahrain officials.
  2. Tree Fu Tom is a largely CGI children's television programme made by the BBC which incorporates movements to help kids with dyspraxia. It's a disorder that affects motor skill development, varying from simple motor tasks such as waving goodbye to more complex tasks like brushing teeth.
  3. Chimpanzees and orang-utans really do have personalities "like people", researchers say.
  4. Kahlil Gibran is said to be one of the world's best-selling poets, and his life has inspired a play touring the UK and the Middle East. But although practically ignored by the literary establishment in the West, his lines have inspired song lyrics, political speeches and have been read out at weddings and funerals all around the world. Meanwhile, in May this year an amateur poet won more than $1m on a TV talent show in the United Arab Emirates.
  5. Israel has resumed its air strikes on Gaza after its brief ceasefire was met with continuing rocket fire. Israel had earlier accepted an Egyptian truce proposal for the conflict and stopped operations on Tuesday morning. However, the armed wing of Hamas, which controls Gaza, rejected the initiative as a "surrender". (Read more)
  6. An east London school which forced fasting pupils to go home for a break during Ramadan has abandoned the policy after complaints from parents.
  7. A man from America has claimed a small patch of Africa, because his daughter wants to be a princess.
  8. British singer Cheryl Cole has married French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini after only going out for three months. The speediness has been ridiculed in the British press, with one correspondent saying that she has halloumi in her fridge that's been around longer than Cole's been in a relationship.
  9. From bidets to birthdays: You can use your bidet to defrost your turkey, while a ham in the US said to be the oldest in the world has celebrated its 112th birthday.
  10. You can write a novel on Twitter.

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