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Friday, July 11, 2014

Ten Things of XX and XY

Lord Carey was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 until 2002/Getty
  1. Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey says he will support legislation that would make it legal for terminally ill people in England and Wales to receive help to end their lives.
  2. The British prime minister wants to solve his party's "woman problem" - the perception that the Conservatives are male-dominated.
  3. Eating an apple a day can boost sexual pleasure in healthy women.
  4. Cafe au lait, port wine and anchovy sauce all help doctors diagnose disease.
  5. Smell receptors are found in the heart, liver and gut, and aid the healing process.
  6. Author Jeremy Clay tells the singular story of the girl who was frightened to death by a coffin, and the tale of forty Victorian women who with "a rabble's thirst for DIY justice" dealt with a violent man. (Read more)
  7. A man accused of shooting dead a family of six, including four children, near Houston has been charged with multiple counts of murder.
  8. A British actor who appeared in the Harry Potter film series has been found dead in a remote part of California's Death Valley, authorities say.
  9. Guantanamo detainees smuggle food into the recreation yard to feed Princess, the camp's cat. (Read more)
  10. Afghanistan's relations with the United States and NATO have grown frayed in recent years on issues of corruption and civilian casualties. (Read more)

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