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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blurring Light of Long Ago

yellow brick,
sandy, rough grooves
under my palm,

soft kitten's wet nose
nudging a lazy arm,
pouncing playful toes

against marbled floor, a cool headrest
for tingling hair and skin
silkened by sunshade
under the scent of vine,

light dappled grapes hanging sensuously above,
a shimmering, shivering whine
from the slightest movement of breathing,
heaving breeze;

swimming in haze
eyes blink at its brightest,
heavy with heat,
the clicking chirrup of the cicadas broken

by the scraping of a ladder opening its feet,
father's footsteps stepping up
steadily, surely to the ripened fruit,
mother peering up, pointing, choosing,

a contented purr of voices
huddled low
under the blanket of summer,

and I, staring up at figures polished gold,
reaching up against
the blurring light of long ago.

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