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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Picking Flowers

Aysun Altay committed suicide after her brother raped her

You see some beautiful flowers growing in a field. You must have them for yourself. So you pull them from their roots, put them in a pretty vase, and water their cut stems.

But the flowers are already dead. The beauty they give is their last breath. And when they die and begin to rot, you throw them away. Their purpose has been served. To pretty the eye.

This is the mindset of the human. To pull, and cut and own. Then to discard what no longer serves a purpose or what has died from lack of freedom. But the mindset of men is worse. We do this to animals. We do this to people. We do this to women.

I hear a lot of women in Western societies complain about Beta men, and that they want an Alpha man to take control and act like a "real man". In some instances it's called the "50 Shades of Grey" phenomenon.

In some societies, men do just that, and women die. A world where women who are willing submissives, silent and obedient are "real women", and women who believe in equal humane treatment between the sexes are labeled as "feminazis" and men-haters.

My mind can't fathom the logic that would equate a woman wanting the freedom to choose her own life with the facists who brought about the Holocaust, but then I have never understood why the subjugation of women is necessary for man to be a "real man".

The situation of women in Turkey is a difficult one. Men are real men, there. They will beat you, rape you, discard you. (Aren't real men supposed to protect women, too?) And you must be silent. It's not like fiction: The woman is not in control. There is no safe word for the abuse to stop. There is no love in the abuse.

The problem doesn't discriminate against race. Turkic, Kurdish, Armenian - whatever ethnicity you are in Turkey, if you are a woman, there are no shades of grey. And if it's seen as a family matter it just won't resonate with the public.

Aysun Altay came from this world, and she paid the price for it. Now she's just another trending tweet: Raped by her brother, forced into silence by her family, she finally had enough. She took her boyfriend's gun and shot herself in the heart.

It was symbolic: They tried to take her heart, so she took it instead.

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