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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Elephants and Grass

There is a saying when two elephant bulls fight for supremacy, it's the grass underfoot that gets crushed.

I've heard it said in Turkish often enough. It means when two giant forces clash, it's normally the innocent caught in between who bear the brunt of the fight.

I'm sure the saying has similar versions in other languages, because it's the way of the world. But it is very apt for Turkey.

The West's vital ally in the Middle East is now facing a perfect storm: deep political polarisation, the bubble of economic success on the brink of bursting, a resumption of violence with separatist movements, the threat from a so-called Islamic State, and two million Syrian refugees and counting.

And with all these charging elephants, there is so much grass underfoot being crushed along the way.

In the midst of this approaching storm has come two explosions at a peace rally in the Turkish capital of Ankara, said to have killed nearly a hundred people and injured hundreds more.

The attack is being said to be the deadliest ever of its kind on Turkish soil.

So much grass being trampled.

And the elephants charge on.

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