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Friday, August 26, 2016

"Cuppa" Vs Girl Power

By Steffan Matrak posted from Moscow, Russia

Iconic pop star Tarkan's "Cuppa" is joint first on TelifMetre's top ten of airplay for last week's figures and in third position on its Top 40 list.

But it has missed the top three slots again in the official Turkish single chart's 34th week - unable to break the stronghold of three divas who have taken the top three positions for weeks.

UPDATE: Tarkan fails to make top three in 35th week >>

Tarkan's poor chart performance has delayed an album release for the time being, although fans are anticipating an upcoming solo pop album from the artist this year.

Translation notes: What does "Cuppa" mean?

Chart Listings for "Cuppa" (August 2016)

Official Turkish Airplay Chart | Position --
TelifMetre Airplay Chart | Position 2
TelifMetre Top 40 | Position 3
Kral Pop Liste | Position 5 (Airplay and sales)

National Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 7
Local Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 2
Kral Pop Radyo Top 20 | Position 10
Powerturk Pop 40 | Position 12

Digital Sales Top 10 | Position 5
Turk Telekom Muzik (Stream) | Position 7
Turk Telekom Muzik (Download) | Position 10
Turk Telekom Muzik Top 100 | Position 4
fizy Top 100 | Position 4
iTunes Singles Top 100 | Position 20
Spotify Turkish Top 30 | Position --
YouTube Trending in Turkey Top 10 | Position --

The star released "Cuppa" over a month ago, and it landed as third highest entry on the official Turkish airplay chart's 30th week, but it's not shaping up to be a massive summer smash against other star releases.

Despite sharing joint first place for airtime, the digital drop has been slipping down most streaming platforms.

The artist went on to publish "Cuppa" on his official YouTube account on 21 July, a week after its digital release. A trend fail domestically, views have steadily increased however, attracting over 9 million views to date.

PR Coup Sees Audience Figures Rise

Also on the up are the artist's series of September shows, which were struggling with ticket sales but thanks to eleventh hour sponsors and free ticket giveaways, the singer has been able to add a 7th date for his Harbiye shows - without having sold out the other dates yet.

Rumours are that despite losing money, the Harbiye shows will be used to boost the singer's profile before a record release to make sure sales are not affected by Tarkan's "Cuppa" drop, and to boost the track's chart positions, too.

UPDATE: Three more dates for Harbiye? >>

Tarkan will kick off proceedings on September 3, with the latest date's ticket sales expected to be donated to the victims of last month's failed coup.

Tarkan, Elton and Ricky to Play EXPO 2016

The line-up for a six month exposition in Antalya will see Tarkan perform there for a second time due to cancellations from big name global stars who have stayed away because of July's violence.

A welcome opportunity, the iconic singer will be filling the gap left by artists failing to attend the international exhibition, while also hoping to boost his profile even more before a pop release.

Elton John and Ricky Martin are two of the scheduled acts who refused to cancel their shows in a show of solidarity, and will be performing before Tarkan in September. Other highlighs of the exhibition were performances by Sting and Enrique Inglesias in August.

Tarkan's first EXPO concert in July was a packed out show. Turkish daily Millyet columnist Sina Koloğlu wrote about the world class team behind the scenes and on the stage with Tarkan, making the singer's live performances memorable at the EXPO.

Organised in Antalya, as Turkey’s first EXPO, the 2016 Horticultural EXPO will run until October 30, 2016. More than 8 million visitors are expected over the EXPO's six month duration since opening on April 23.

Starting with the philosophy of "Cultivating a Green Life for Future Generations", EXPO 2016 Antalya has adopted the theme of "Flowers and Children" along with the motto "A Green Life for Future Generations".

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