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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tarkan Stays Silent, Press Speaks

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey and Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

Tarkan's current music label DMC's exec Samsun Demir has replied to a question over the pop icon's decision to remain silent, when previously Demir had tweeted there would be news at the end of August from the star.

Tweeting to say they would "have to wait a little longer" has caused fans to tweet their frustration at being let down again.

Since the failed 15 July coup, Tarkan has used his social media accounts even less than usual. The star has used his Facebook account to promote his upcoming events, but omitted to repost his latest Facebook events on Twitter and Instagram as he would do normally.

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The Twitter account for his production company HITT has taken over tweeting duties, promoting the recently added seventh date at Harbiye's open air venue for his September shows.

With less than three days left until Tarkan kicks off his run of open air shows, tickets have still not sold out yet - despite expectations to the contrary.

It's believed customers have been returning tickets, forcing ticket seller Biletix to continually change the status of the dates. Returns have been so high that comments left by followers on the singer's social media accounts are filled with ticket holders trying to sell on their unwanted tickets for the same price or less.

Some in the Tarkan camp are concerned about what empty seats at the singer's shows will do to his public image. One time friend of Tarkan, pop singer Kenan Doğulu recently suffered from a low turnout at his Bodrum show, with celebrity media reporting it as a PR blow for the troubled singer's career.

Press Get Nasty

Amid concert tickets changing hands, struggling ticket sales and the failure of Tarkan's "Cuppa" to storm the Turkish single charts, some quarters of the Turkish press have begun to be less deferential with reports over the singer's private life.

Reportedly spotted in Bodrum with his new wife at a close friend's wedding recently, old gossip has reared its ugly head about the singer's relationsips being fake.

After reports that Tarkan's ex Bilge Öztürk was spotted in Bodrum at the HITT employee's wedding, and the pop icon introduced his old flame to his wife of four months, some commentators have said the marriage - like his past relationship with Öztürk - was arranged, but this time so he could father a child rather than as a cover for his homosexuality.

Celebrity gossip commentators on daytime shows have claimed they have been in touch with Tarkan's in-laws who have said that a strict non-disclosure and pre-nuptual agreement had been signed by both parties.

Daytime show Soylemezsem Olmaz on baby marriage claims (30.08.2016)

This follows on from gossip over Tarkan's wife that circulated before the wedding in May, which said she was a gold digger and celebrity chaser. Tarkan had responded to these claims in January by posting a warning on his social media accounts to the Turkish press about placing his partner under their "merciless microscope".

This latest comes on the back of claims that the club inspired summer track "Cuppa" was a 2013 Australian club anthem rip-off.

A newspaper columnist, writing for a daily owned by the parent company of Tarkan's current music label, however, explained it was a coincidence - a royalty free sample had been used by both songs.

Some commentators were quick to point out that producing songs in this cheap way suggested the artist was cutting corners, and cashing in on his name.

Widespread opinion has seen "Cuppa" as a disappointment and a failed attempt to emulate Kenan Doğulu's comeback to the pop scene a decade ago with his Sezen Aksu song "Çakkıdı", which had become an immediate summer hit in 2006.

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