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Friday, August 05, 2016

Tarkan Tests Public Reaction

By Steffan Matrak posted from Moscow, Russia

Tarkan has broken his silence on his Facebook account to publicise his upcoming concerts in Istanbul this September.

The traditional series of concerts are to be held at Tarkan's popular choice of venue at the open air Harbiye arena in Istanbul.

UPDATE: More dates added >>

Around the same time last year, despite not releasing a solo album for five years, the iconic singer sold out nine dates at the same venue - a feat routinely performed by the artist at Istanbul’s Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater, known simply as the Harbiye.

The end series of last year's shows, however, suffered setbacks and cancellations due to a surge in attacks on Turkey, weather conditions and his own health, leaving the music loving public wanting more.

Often described as a lithe and energetic performer, his unifying effect across Turkey is widespread. At the Harbiye the artist puts on a glamorous show for over 7,000 fans each night to a mixed male and female crowd of all ages.

Ticket selling site Biletix has said that Tarkan's concerts this year will be divided into two parts, with the singer opening with songs from his recent Turkish classical album - rather than the usual practice of opening with his latest pop release, which this year is "Cuppa".

Some commentators in the Turkish press believe the concerts will be a test for Tarkan to measure public reaction against his silence over civilian deaths in the failed coup that rocked Turkey recently, and for the disappointment over his summer track which has yet to find an audience.

The singer's 2016 summer release brought with it a lot of domestic social shade, and the club-inspired pop piece has struggled to find a top position in the Turkish charts since causing a stir with its digital release.

Translation notes: What does "Cuppa" mean?

Tarkan released "Cuppa" a day before an Islamic faction in Turkey's military attempted a coup over the elected administration, with the pop singer telling people to switch off the TV and their smartphones and "dance the night away".

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