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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tarkan's "Cuppa" Piracy Claim

By Steffan Matrak posted from Moscow, Russia

On the back of the beating iconic pop star Tarkan's "Cuppa" has taken in the Turkish single charts, comes the news that the club inspired summer track has illegally copied another song.

More than just inspired, the claims are that Tarkan's song has directly lifted the whistling melody from a 2013 club anthem by Australian producer Ben John Grzywacz, known as DJ Uberjak'd.

Uberjak'd is at the forefront of the new wave of Australian club producers impacting the global electronic scene, with his influence reaching all the way to Tarkan's latest effort.

However, when the Turkish pop icon shared his track online last month, he failed to mention the Australian producer in the song's credits, giving rise to claims of piracy.

Columnist Onur Baştürk, writing for Turkish daily Hürriyet - owned by Doğan Holding, which also owns Tarkan's current music label DMC - has said that the whistle intro is a standard royalty free sample that can be bought and used by anyone, with the Australian DJ having used it first.

Some commentators have been quick to point out that producing songs with single-purchase royalty free samples from the public domain suggests the artist is in quick need of money and is cutting corners, cashing in on his name.

Evidence of ready-made samples being used by Tarkan, instead of original compositions, has seemingly worked to cheapen the track's production into sounding like a bootleg version.

Daytime show Soylemezsem Olmaz on piracy claims (29.08.2016)

Becoming the focus of ridicule on Turkish morning entertainment shows, this is just the latest of a series of claims to hit the song. Conspiracy theories attached to the song claim that the track was a coded signal to start the 15 July coup.

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Rumours say that had the coup been successful, borders would have closed and no one in Turkey would have realised the musical theft, giving an explanation as to why such an iconic singer would openly steal from an Australian producer.

When Tarkan said "Cuppa Cuppa" did he mean "Junta Junta"?

But the scandal and unfounded conspiracies following the song have benefited Tarkan's viewing figures on YouTube for "Cuppa".

Although a trend fail on its release, curiosity has steadily increased, with the self-promotional buzz attracting over 10 million views to date.

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